Ardha Chakrasan


Lie on your back with your feet crossed. Fold the feet to the knees. Place the sole of the foot on the ground. Place the palm of your hands on the ground next to your head. Now lift the head, chest and waist in such a way that the weight of your body remains on the feet and hands. Thus a crescent will be formed.

Turn your head inward as much as possible. Now move the feet slowly near the head so that the cycle can be completed. Keep knees straight. Initially, you will be able to do half chakrasana in this asana. Over time, you will be able to bear the shape of a chakra less frequently. It depends on the practice that you remove the stiffness of your body. Stay in this posture for 2-1 seconds. Rest by resting the head and chest down.After a minute repeat it again.

Repeat 3 to 5 times in winter season otherwise do 2 times.


If the spine of the body is flexible then puberty does not result in old age. The flexibility of the spine can be kept permanent with this asana. In fact, doing this asana benefits both Dhanurasana and Bhujangasana. By this, the chest areas of boys and girls grow in proportion, the fat is reduced and the body is beautiful. If this posture is done right from the beginning, then even after the birth of the child, women can keep the beauty of their chest. Gravity, indigestion and arthritis etc. are away from it. Boys and girls who practice this asana are agile and clever.

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    Yoga is good for health
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      you can also use this information to resolve so many diseases


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