Asana and Posture


There are two types. The first type of asanas are those whose posture is meditative. They are useful for complete health. This asana is useful for relaxing meditation etc. Dhyana(meditation) is the first step towards self-knowledge.

The specific purpose of postures useful for physical health is to maintain the chemical balance of the body and protect it from disease. Here we have discussed only those postures whose purpose is health protection.

Some examples of Asanas : Paschimottanasana , Dhanurasana,

Ardha Matsyendrasana,Gomukhasana.


There are many asanas required for physical and mental health. The main purpose of asanas is to keep the muscles and muscles strong to make the spine soft and flexible, while the postures keep the glands in a healthy and properly functioning state.

In health care, the responsibility of these glands is more than muscle and muscle power. Of these, the glands are the most important ones in which the ruminant substances are produced. Due to the lack of juice from these glands, the body becomes weak, infirm and sick and suffers premature death. This juice combined with blood gives beautiful health to the body and protects it from disease. The essence of this blood helps all the instruments of the body to function. Therefore, practice of postures for strong physical and brain balance helps a lot.

Children can also practice healthy asanas. Yoga pose is taboo for them. Children can practice other postures. Girls who are seasonal and boys above the age of 11 (12 years in warm countries and cold countries) can practice postures.

With the practice of postures, the synapses and vertebrae are strengthened and become functional. Failure of the glands artificially impedes normal health and balance of the brain. Therefore, do not let them practice postures until they become adults.

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