Bhujangasana is also called sharpasana. Its brief symbolic method is that lying on the stomach, the lower part of the waist with the feet on the ground, the seeker should sit on the ground with the hands of both hands near the storm. After this, keep the section from thoracic to the forehead like snake’s funnel. This is Bhujangasana or Nagasana or sharpasana. The method of this asana in detail is that the first seeker should lie on his stomach and spread his legs straight and long. Place the palms on the ground under the shoulders as soon as possible. The forehead should be attached to the ground, after this one should carefully loosen the whole body, relax the back muscles, then slowly lift the head and shoulders above the ground and move the head as far back as possible. Gradually bend the back upwards and backwards, until the hands become completely straight. Raise the body above the navel. After this, gradually the seeker returned to the first position.

अंगुष्ठ नाभि पर्यन्तम् भूमौ विनिन्यसेत्।

करतलाभ्यां धरां धृत्वा ऊर्ध्वशीर्ष फणीवहि।।

देहाग्निवधतेनित्यं सर्वरोगविनाशनम्।

जागर्ति भुजगी देवी भुजंगासन साधना।।

The intention is to place the seeker on the ground from the navel to the toe, raising the palms on the ground and raising the head like a snake. All diseases are cured by this. Jathargni is illuminated and Kundalini awakens. Bhujangasana is undoubtedly a very healthy person. This posture is prohibited for a person who has stomach wound, complains of hernia, intestinal disease. Women can also practice this asana. It is beneficial for women with reproductive disorders, leucorrhoea, irregular menstruation. Its practice causes hunger. Constipation is eliminated. The liver and kidneys function properly. Back pain is destroyed by this asana and the spinal cord is healthy and strong. This asana is the panacea to destroy all the disorders of Mandagni. There is a pinching of semen in it and it’s help to control the nightfall.

In the practice of the raised Ekapada Bhujangasana, the seeker should lie on his stomach, rotate the arm from the elbows on either side of the chest and hold it on the ground. Like Bhujang, the chest should be lifted up and the sight should be placed on the front of NASA. One leg should be kept on the ground and the other leg should be kept on the ground without bending and the other leg should be lifted up as much as possible without bending the knee. This removes the weakness of the waist. Disorders of the liver and spleen are destroyed. Before applying the raised foot Bhujangasana, one foot should be placed on the ground like a snake’s tail, and the other leg should be raised till the knee and thigh. Bhujangasana should be applied first in simple hand bhujangasana. Do not bend even a little in the hands, keep it straight, so that the entire cut comes between the two hands. The chest and head should be raised up to the navel. The practice of the above postures relieves back pain And this yoga help’s to remove the acidity from the body.

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