It is very important to clearly understand the difference between yoga postures and exercise. the difference  in these is shown as follows;

1.Slow  and deep breathing is required in compound  Asanas, while in physical exercise the breathing speed is Rapid and often shallow .

2. It is necessary to be very slow while doing asanas in the body movements. Where in physical exercise, there is no such thing .These organs are operated with intensity and velocity. with which exhaustion also comes. There is no tiredness in doing Asanas. Rigorous exercise drinks heaviness in the body and concussion in the intellect , while  Asanas gives rise to, Sharpness and sattvic instinct in the intellect.

3. Breathing quickly white exercising leads to a lack of oxygen, while is a cause of exhaustion. In this way, the amount of oxygen that the lungs need from exercising , the amount of oxygen is not available.

4. Asanas  have a big beneficial effect in the Astral body. There is a balance between vital power and vital energy,Where has no benefit is possible for exercises. There is also wastage  of more time and power in exercising .

5.In the asanas, both our internal and external organs begin to be well affected and well organised. This is not the case in exercises where, there is more emphasis on external organs and internal organs are not concerned about it.

6.Asanas have no adverse effect on the heart, while in exercise  heart stress and Labor are more.

7.Asanas have their own speciality in maintaining flexibility of body parts,while exercising often causes Stiffness in Limbs, which becomes more painful in old age. the muscles of the arms and legs become stiff, which increases the chances of arthritis in old age.

8.Asanas have  a very good effect on mind . it helps to increase our mental peace. we do not get any such benefits from exercises. It often does not take any meaningful step towards peace and exercise also has no special effect on the mind. In the practice of asanas , the mind biggest to concentrate by focusing on the breath.

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