The short method of Garudasana is that the seeker stands and bends the left leg and puts the knee of the right foot on his back and wraps the two hands together, as if it is situated in the prayer posture. The simplest way is that the seeker stands up and wraps the other leg on one leg in such a way as if the tree is batched. Hands are also being prayed as if wrapped in each other.

While practicing this asana, there is great benefit when trying to touch the wrapped toe from the ground. In this situation, the knees of both legs have to be crooked.Its easy method is also that first practitioner standing and wrapped around the right leg of the left foot, the left thigh should be in front of the right thigh. The left leg should be on the calf of the right leg. After this, bend both the hands from the middle of the elbows and wrap the left hand on the right hand in such a way that they come in the prayer posture. Maharshi Gherand has described its second method.

जंघोरूभ्यां धरां पीड्य स्थिरकायो द्विजानुना।

जानू पर्रिकर युग्मं गरूड़ासन मुच्यते।।

Stabilizing the body of the seeker by pressing the earth with both thighs and knees, sitting with both hands on both knees, this is Garudasana. This posture makes the joints of the feet flexible. Women should not do this asana after conceiving. Its practice stops the growth of testicles, cures the pain of the knees and feet, it prevents sciatica and vata of the hands and feet.

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