The practitioner should first sit upright while beginning the practice of Gomukhasana. The knot of the right foot (Gulp) should be seated under the left buttock and the left foot knot under the right buttock, and tighten. After this, the hands should be raised high by turning their hands backwards and the elbow of the right hand should be raised up and down. After this, the left hand index finger should be held tightly with the right hand index finger. This is Gomukhasana. This posture should be done from both sides by manipulation of hands and feet. While practicing this asana, the seeker should keep in mind that the right leg should be above the left thigh. Knees remain on each other, eyes are closed and mind remains focused on obedience. Gomukhasana can also be done by standing. The left hand is raised upwards by turning backwards and the right hand finger is held tightly in the index finger of the right hand by tilting it down by raising the elbow of the right hand.

In relation to the classical method of this asana, Hathayogapradipika GherandSamhita, Trishikhabamhan
In the Upanishads, the sign is given. In this, the method of posture is not clearly known-

सव्ये दखिणगुल्फ तु पृष्ठपार्वे नियोजयेत्। दक्षिणोपि तथा स्वयं गोमुख गोमुख कृतिः॥

Gomukhasana simply means sitting in a shape similar to the face of a cow. By doing the posture by placing the right gulf (ankle) on the left side and the left ankle in the right part, the shape becomes like a gomukh.

पादौ च भूमौ संस्थाप्य पृष्ठ पार्श्व निवेशयेत्। स्थिरकायं समासाद्य गोमुखं गोमुखाकृतिः।।

Gomukhasana is the sitting of the body with an upright face like a Gomukha by placing both feet on the ground and putting it on both sides of the back. Its symptoms are mentioned in the Upanishads. The 36th verse of the Trishikhibrahmanopanishad literally corresponds to the description of Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Gomukhasana is an important posture accepted. In the direction of prevention of many diseases, this posture destroys the weakness of the muscles of the body.

This asana is very useful in curing rheumatic diseases. The hands and chest are strengthened by its practice. The testicles grow (hydrosoluble). There is semen and the force of celibacy increases in the seeker. Its stomach and intestinal diseases are suppressed. Indigestion is destroyed. Gastritis increases. By practicing this asana, the defect of kidney is erased and its working power increases. Sciatica pain ends. One who practices Gomukhasana gets rid of terrible diseases like diabetes. It also has a good effect On sexual glands. Back pain is less. Gender defects disappear, proper mobility occurs in the shoulder and neck.

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