Halasana is a specific form of Sarvangasana. Once the Sarvangasana is engaged, it is called halasana to move the legs back and convert them to the shape of the plow. In the halasana one should first lie on the back. After this, the practitioner should be taken up slowly by raising both legs. Keep in mind that both legs should be adjacent. The hands should rest on the ground directly in the side, in this halas, the buttocks move slightly back from their place.

Both hands look like they are in the ground, as if The plow itself has two fars (fruits). The practitioner should be careful that the feet Only the thumbs and fingers touch the ground, both feet including the knees remain in the same line. The hands can be on the floor or placed on the waist for support.Practicing the instrument before practicing the halasana has a great convenience in performing the halasana before practicing the foresaw: The practitioner of the forehead should first lie down on his back, keeping the fist of the hand under the buttocks.

The weight of the hip should remain on the latch, the legs should be straight. They should be lifted up slowly, making an angle of 45 ashes, bringing the head upwards and both legs should be away from each other. This is the former halasana. Half Padma Halasana can also be practiced along with Halasana. First the practitioner of Ardhapadyamahalasana should sit with the legs spread out in front. After this, bend one leg and apply Ardhapadmasana. While moving the head above the head of the straight leg, put your fingers on the ground, then come back to the first position, bend the chest and touch the Nashik as soon as the knee of the straight leg is applied. Then, while holding both the legs with the same elephant, come back to normal.

Halasana, Ardhapadmahalasana, former Halasana etc. should not be practiced by a person who has high blood pressure and sciatica. Halasana destroys abdominal disorders. Gastritis occurs. There is an open appetite. The liver and spleen functions well. All the diseases of indigestion are cured by shrinking the stomach inward by applying avidian. Diabetes is destroyed. The activity of intestines increases. Weakness of back and waist ends. Piles remains fine. The spinal cord becomes flexible.

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