The general meaning of YOGA is ADDING. Yoga is a process that starts from Yamaha and reaches Samadhi. Yoga travels to spirituality connecting mind and body. This is the state of a simple feeling ,So Maharishi Patanjali include the mind and its vrittis in the definition of yoga and said that a human being should stop his vrittis .Only then yoga will be able to produce favorable results in life. The versatility of the mind and the versatility of the senses of the body can be brought under control by yoga. if a person enters the process of yoga with full devotion and sincerity. then surely flowers of righteousness will blossom in.

If we say  the essence of yoga, the soul is not to be associated with the divine, but thought the actions of yoga, it is remember that the soul and the divine are really connected. Here a question is  worth considering if the soul and the divine are different and if we want to add them, then it will not be possible because we exist, we have a life, if it is clear that we are really connected to God. yes the source of our life is good.


Yoga is derived from the word ‘yuj’ in Sanskrit, which means’ to add’. the word ‘Yoke’  in English is also made from the same metal. initially,the literal sense of ‘YOKE’  in English and ‘YOGA’  in  Sanskrit was the same.’ use’ metal means  attaching  oneself to an object for attaching oneself to a task. in its original sense it means to prepare oneself for any difficult task. in English, this expression is interpreted as’ to go into hamess’ or ‘ to buckle to’, meaning to be mounted for work, gearing up etc. through experiments. There is also the same type of industry as the objectives to be proved; that is why industry can be mental, physical also  for the purpose of achieving  full health or long life .the  action that will happen to the the MNS and body will be called yoga ( HATHA Yoga).

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