Action: Sit with both legs spread in front. Connect the left leg in such a way that the left heel remains under the testicles. While exhaling slowly, hold the right toe with both hands, as well as try to touch the knee of the right foot with your forehead. Initially, new practitioners will not be able to keep their feet straight on the ground, but this inconvenience will be overcome with a few days of practice. In this state, hold your breath and stay for a few seconds. After this, slowly inhale and return to the upright position. Do this asana only 3-4 times. After this, repeat it by placing the heel of the right foot under your testicle as per the above mentioned action.

Usage of Janushirasana

spine is flexible

With this asana, appetite increases, nerves and muscles of the nipple are strong, weakness and lethargy are removed and spine is flexible. It helps in the treatment of gout, such as arthritis, creep and haemorrhoids. Physical slowness found in adolescence is overcome by this asana.

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