Symptoms of jaundice:

Chronic liver means indigestion, thin diarrhea, yellow urine etc. Some color is also found in the eyes of the patient. Even the entire body becomes colored. This state of the body is called Panduroga according to Ayurveda. As a result of the attack of this disease, the liver becomes more spoiled, most of the bile gets contaminated and gets collected in the organ system of the body. Human skin and eyes start to look pale. Even urine or sweat causes yellow spots in the clothes. The taste of the tongue becomes highly bitter, leprosy becomes permanent, diarrhea, weakness, and nausea start to occur. When all these symptoms progress, the condition of jaundice is called Kamala.

Reason for jaundice:

The largest gland in our body is the respirator. The liver is ranked second by size. According to the person, it weighs from 3 to 4 pounds. It is divided into small houses according to functions. Some houses manufacture glycogen, some houses make bile and some houses make blood. The digested food enters these houses in the form of liquids, where the pigment is converted into blood by mixing bile with the help of the liver. It is here that its foreign matter is also separated. Sugars or glycogins are parts of this fluid. They are produced from the internal juices of the liver and pancreas. This sugar fulfills the lost power of blood and the residual amount of sugar remains safe in the liver cells. Thus the collected sugars are used for the extra power required while running or for the necessary power during fasting. The guilty liver is unable to do all this work.Nothing can be used for body fat unless it is digested by the liver and mixed with bile. Fat is soluble only in bile. Partially digested food comes in the abdomen. Here it is digested with juices produced from pancreatic and liver. The leftover part of the food, which is not digested even here, goes into small intestines. In this way, Pitta ends its work and ends itself.

The liver also sends some bile to Gall Bladder. Wherever the juice originates from there, the duodenum goes into the river or upper intestine. If there is no undigested food stored in the intestines, then one cannot get bile for digestion. In this way, the bile produced by the liver is not used, and it gets mixed up in the blood and spreads throughout the body. Because bile is a kind of intense poison – it makes the whole body toxic.In this way, it also makes other organs and glands guilty and does not let them do their work. As a result many other types of contaminants are produced and this residue together with bile produces this type of toxin, which destroys the blood corpuscles of the blood. These destroyed blood cells regenerate the liver bile. In this way, this intense poison continues to grow in the body and the blood corpuscles are completely destroyed. The skin and stool urine of the patient becomes yellow and healthy liver is not able to produce sufficient amount of sugar. In this way, the power of the body decreases. This stage is called ‘Kamala’.

Treatment or yoga asana for jaundice:

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In the morning, do a simple gesture with all the postures and postures. Dispose and Run. Practice Warisar Dhoti. It will be of miraculous benefit to the patient, take bath according to any rule. Agnisar Dhoti number 1 8 times, number 2 5 times. Practice excursion pranayama.

Evening- Pranayama, Agnisar Dhoti No. 1 10 times. Practice Udiyaan 4 times, Shayan Paschimottan, Shikhasana, Pawan Muktasana, Sahaja Pranayama Nos. 1,3 and 9. Do Agnisar Dhauti number 1 for 12 times during the mid-day and bath. Spontaneous Agnisar 30 times.

Practice gradual exercise, drinking water etc. After both meals, inhale through the right nasal foramen.

Rules and diet for jaundice:

As long as the urine color is yellow, extreme care should be taken in relation to diet. If the effects of bile cause damage to the liver cells, do not expect to rebuild them. As long as there is fever in the body, eat citrus fruits like kamala lemon, pineapple, papaya (cooked). Eat a light meal after getting fever and gaining some strength. Nutrients should be present in the food. Abandon spicy and fatty food. Use vegetables of papaya, green banana etc. Buttermilk, takra, cow’s milk and fruits are most useful if digested. After treatment, eat rice, bread, fish (in small quantities). Discard extra butter or ghee, sweets, eggs or meat. Never consume them.

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