The practitioner of Kukkutasana should first be situated in Padmasana. After this, the right hand should be moved between the right leg to the elbow and the calf to the elbow, and similarly the left hand should be moved between the left leg to the left and the calf. The claws of both the hands should be raised to the ground by resting the body above the hands. The shape of the practitioner of this asana looks like that of a chicken in practice.

पद्मासन तु संस्थाप्य जानूर्वोन्तरे करौ।

निवेश्य भूमौ संस्थाप्य व्योमस्थं कुक्कुटासन।।

Putting Padmasana with both hands in the center of the thighs and resting their hands slightly above the earth (in the sky) is Kukkutasana.

  For people who have a collection of insects (worms) in their stomach, this asana is very beneficial. This causes lightening of the stomach. Due to purification of pulse, the body gets energized. If during the practice period, the seeker applies the mulbandh(stop toilet) (transmitting the rectum of the anus), then ejaculation occurs, complete healing is achieved. This posture reinforces hands, shoulders and chest.

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