The practice of Kurmasana has been called difficult and difficult. Experienced practitioners of asanas have given various methods according to their own practice. In short, it is enough to say that first the seeker should sit with both feet far apart, then bend in front and take both hands below the knee, keep the palms open, tilt the head, hands from below the knees. Take them back a lot and by interconnecting their fingers, keep them back, raise the knees, level the soles of the feet, raise the ankles and relax the hands, then return to the first position to the seeker. One should always keep in mind that while practicing Kurmasana in the appropriate method, the breath should be exhaled repeatedly by laxative pranayama and focus should be on Swadhisthana and Manipur Chakra.

The second method is that by applying Padmasana, put both your hands on the thigh, there is a little space between the feet and the calves, while removing the maximum amount of both hands from under the feet. Stretch and raise the chest to the knees and deposit it on the straps, lift the neck as much as possible and keep looking at the front of gluten in front. This is called Kachchapasana or Karmasana.

 The third method of this asana is that first, the seeker bend the knees on the ground, bend the legs and sit on the ankles. Keep the heel-knees together, the weight of the buttocks should fall on the heel, keep both elbows on both sides of the navel with a fist, keep those fists on the upper part of the thigh in such a way that the mouth of the fists is facing upwards.Spinal cord, cervical head should be in a straight line. Keep the vision steady, tilt half of the waist in front and place the forehead on the fists. The seeker should keep in mind that the fist should remain on the knees. One method of this Kurmasana is to keep both legs slightly bent from the knees, the seeker should keep the knee of the right leg out near the left shoulder. Taking the right hand from under the right foot, keep it near the paw of the right foot and similarly, the practitioner should take the left foot out from under the left foot calf and keep it near the left foot itself. In connection with this Kurmasana, there is only a hint in the texts related to yoga practice, which does not clearly reveal the method. Maharishi Gherand’s statement is-

गुल्फो च वृषणस्याधो व्युत्क्रमेण समाहितौ। ऋजुकाय शिरोग्रीवं कूर्मासन मितिरत्म ॥

Both the ankles should be kept in reverse under the testicle and the body, head and neck should sit upright. This is Kurmasana. This intention has also been confirmed in Hatha Yoga-Pradipika.

गुदं निरुध्य गुल्फाभ्यां व्युत्क्रमण समाहितः। कूर्मासन भवेदेतविति योगविदों विदुः॥

The thirty-seventh verse of the Trisikha Brahmanopanishad corresponds to the above verse of the above Hathayogapradipika, in the first one is the word Nirudhya and in the second is the rule. This is Yogasana in the opinion of Trishikh Brahmin Upanishad and Hathayogapradipika accepts it as Kurmasan.

The biggest benefit of the practice of kuramasana is that the mind circles become sattvic and the practitioner gets special juice in spiritual thinking, this posture eliminates stomach disorders and diseases, hunger, liver and spleen diseases. Body fatness is eliminated. Pomegranate, diabetes, kidney disorder, testicular growth, etc. are controlled by its practice. The defect of mumps, stammering and speaking with utterance also ends. It also provides benefits in hernia piles and fistula etc. The kidney functions properly. Applying Mulabandha while practicing it has special benefits.

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