In Makarasana, the seeker lies on his stomach and lifts the head and shoulders with the elbows and places the chin on the palms. Care should be taken that while practicing makarasana, the abdomen should lie flat and after the posture is set, the seeker should close both eyes and leave the body loose.

अधास्य शेते हृदय निधाय भूमौ च पादौ च प्रसार्यमाणौ।

शिरश्च धृत्वा करंदण्डयुम्मे देहाग्निकारं मकरासनं तत्।।

The face should be lying down, the heart should be spread with the feet spread from the earth. The forehead should be attached with both hands. This is Makarasana.

It increases fire, illumines gastritis. Text is found in this verse. It is available like this.

ऊर्धश्य शेते हृदयं निधाय भूमौ च पादौ च प्रसार्यमाणौ।

शीर्षे च धृत्वा करदण्डयुग्मं देहाग्निकारं मकरासनं तत्।।

By practicing this asana, breathing disease is eliminated. This asana destroys asthma and lung diseases. For the person who is suffering from any spinal disorder, this asana is very beneficial. Such a person should practice this asana for a long time. With the practice of this asana, the work of blood transfusion becomes very easy. Tuberculosis is easily eradicated.

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