Matsyasana is a very important means of removing stomach disorders and diseases. The simple form should be practiced before practicing this asana in its entirety.

There are two methods of simple matsyasana.

1.The first simple method is that by turning one leg on the thigh of the other leg, the seeker should keep the other leg upright, with the elbows bent backwards and gently keep the upper part of the torso on the ground. Of bent legsThe claws should be held with both hands.

2.The second simple method is that the seeker should keep both the legs straight towards the front, keep the upper part of the body on the ground while gently tilting the upper back and position both hands on the thighs by bending the back circularly.

Two forms of Matsyasana are also described. The seeker should lie down by applying Padmasana. After that, while bringing both hands from the head, right arm with right hand and left arm or right arm should be held with right hand. In this posture, as much difference as possible should be kept till the ground under the room. By applying Kodi in a puppet, Jalandhar is greatly increased by adding a lot to the posture.

After applying the Matsyasana, holding the thumbs of both the feet with both hands, after putting the stories in the ground, the stomach and chest should be lifted upwards and bend the neck towards the back. The third method is that by applying the Padmasana, the seeker should swing backwards till the upper part of the head touches the ground. After that, by keeping the fingers of both hands in each other, while moving the palms upward, place both hands on the ground under the head and allow the back of the head to rest comfortably on the palms.After practicing Matsyasana, the seeker should rest for some time after settling in the Shavasana. With the practice of Matsyasana, stretching in all the parts of the body eliminates disorders and defects, strength comes in the hands, feet and shoulders.

They become shapely and this posture increases body fat Subtracts. With this, the circles of mind and mind converge. By practicing Matsyasana, ulcers, skin diseases, neurological disorders located in the body.

The effects of liver disorders are reduced. They are destroyed. This Posture Prevents the throat disease. Back pain is cured, strength comes in the lungs, it helps in smooth circulation of blood, asthma is destroyed. The function of non-human is well, disclosure defecation and destroy .

Almost all diseases and development of the intestines are destroyed by the practice of matsyasana. It should always be cautious that practicing Matsyasana only after performing Sarvangasana and Halasana is good in terms of health benefits. While practicing this, the seeker should focus on Manipur or Anahata Chakra.

The biggest benefit from this asana is that if for some reason the blood accumulates in the back, then it starts spontaneous communication and not only the back, all body aches are destroyed. If the practice of Matsyasana is proved, a person can stay in water for a long time. After getting tired while swimming, applying this posture and staying in the water gives you the strength to swim again.

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