Mayurasan is the vehicle of the commander-in-law, Lord Kartikeya, who performs this asana, is decorated with Jitendriya and divine property. By treating the postures of this posture, the yoga practitioner has health and strength

It is Mayur or asanas have a great importance in the postures lying on the stomach. It has been said to be very useful. The simple way of this is that by lying on the chest or abdomen, the practitioner should keep both the shortcomings in the side of the navel and the legs are fullyPractice by spreading long. Just as the peacock sits on the stone block and tails down, in the same way, by placing both hands on the table or on the ground (with both hands), the elbows are attached to both the feet of the navel site with the root and uddyana ( Shrink the stomach inward) Keep the whole body raised. Do not touch the ground. After this, the chest and mouth should be tilted slightly forward, in this activity one has to move slightly backward.

In this way the legs remain behind and the head stays forward and the body becomes dependent on elbows like punishment. This is Mayurasan. While practicing this asana, the torso and legs should be placed in such a position that while stressing the nerves of the body, it should feel as if above the ground that both the horizons are in line, towards the sky.The completeness of this asana is that the weight of the entire body should remain on both the palms. As far as possible, the practice of raising the legs as much as possible above the ground should be practiced. While lifting the body from above the ground, the breath should be exhaled and while moving the body downwards, the breath should be pulled inwards, practicing the supplementary pranayama. Mind should be focused on Manipurka. Mayurasan is described in the classical method Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gherand Samhita and many Yoga Parakas.

धरामवष्टभ्य करदयेन तत्कूर्परस्थापितनाभिपार्श्वः।

उच्चासनो दण्डवदुत्थितः स्यान्मायूरमेतत्प्रवदन्ति पीठम्॥

This means taking the support of the earth with both hands and setting the sides of the navel above the manibandha. In this way it is a high posture like punishment. Just as the peacock carries all the weight of the body on its slender legs, similarly the seeker has to put the weight of his body on the soles of his two hands. There is a slight feature in the mention of Mayurasan in Gherandasahita. It is said that by keeping the hands resting on the earth and holding both elbows on both sides of the navel, put both feet back behind them as punishment.

घरामवष्टभ्य करयोस्तलभ्यां तत्कूर्परस्थापितनाभिपार्श्वः।

उच्चासनों दण्डवदुत्थितः खे मायूरमेतं प्रवदन्ति पीठम्।

Practitioners of Mayurasan should always be careful that after doing this asana, one should not practice head-on asanas. At the same time, it should also be taken care that people with high blood pressure, hernia or severe wounds should not practice it. If you have to practice Mayurasan to remove the toxic elements of the body, then milk, fatty foods, non-vegetarian and late-digested substances should not be consumed. Spices should be discontinued. Emphasis should be on satvik diet. Vegetables made of greens, fruits, green vegetables and rice should be consumed for one month. It is good to practice Mayurasan only after doing this kind of nutrition for at least two weeks.This asana promotes the action of selective catabolism of the body, there is an increase in the secretion of various organs of the body. This posture frees Annnalik and Auto from defects. Boils and skin diseases etc. are cured at the earliest due to blood purification. The practice of Mayurasan is necessary to eliminate abdominal disorders. The patient of diabetes has great benefit from the practice of this asana.

हरति सकलरोगानाशु गुल्मोदरादी।

नमिमवति च दोषानासनं श्रीमयूरम्।

बहुकदशनमुक्तं भस्मकुर्यादशेषम्

जनयति जठराग्निं जारयेत्कालकूटम्॥

This means that the practice of this asana destroys all the diseases of the abdomen due to deformity of abdominal origin, ascites, spleen, etc. and kaphavatpitta. There is a suppression of diseases like indigestion due to overeating. Food is digested, constipation is eliminated. After taking enema By practicing this, the water that remains is removed. The spinal cord remains straight. Mayurassan provides healing to the body, removes poisonous substances.

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