Padmasana is said to be the most famous among the Yogasanas, practiced by all and very healthy and the destruction of many diseases. Padmasana is the best posture in providing mobility and vigor and strength to the whole body. The practice of Padmasana has been accepted as very important in yoga asanas, many distinctions of Padmasana have been said, Ardpadmasana, Uttam Padmasana, B Padmasana, etc. are especially popular.

The simple common method of Padmasana is that the legs should be spread in front and sit. By turning one leg, its claws should be placed on the other thigh so that the heel touches the hip bone and the soles remain upwards. This other leg should bend and keep its paw on the other thigh. While practicing Padmasana, it should be kept in mind that the spinal cord should remain straight, placing a cushion or pillow under the buttocks to get started is very convenient.

The practice of gyanamudra or Chinmukh is necessary when Padmasana is imposed. Its method is that by applying Padmasana, bend the index finger of both hands and touch it with the base of the thumb, spread the remaining three fingers slightly apart from each other. Keep your hands on your knees. The palms Let’s have a downward trend. This is Gyanamudra. The method of Chinmudra is the same, but in this, the palms should be open above the knees, the vision should be fixed between the eyebrows or on the forearm of NASA. A method of Padmasana is also that when Padmasana is attained, then join both hands by moving them directly above the head, as if it looks like a hello is being done. This is called emblem. This causes constriction in the nerves of the stomach and chest.

Another method is also that when Padmasana is applied, the right hand should be placed on the left knee and the torso is turned to the left or the left hand should be supported on the ground, rotate as much as the chest can go towards the back, where the feet are in Padmasana. Be located In this way, turn the other side too. It is illusory, it eliminates many stomach disorders and diseases. The classical method of Padmasana is described in many Yoga-texts, the codes of Shiva, Goraksha and Maharshi Gherand, Upanishads and Hathayogapradipika etc. Integrality in the description, there is a glimpse of uniqueness at times. It is mentioned in the matter that keeping the feet of each other upright on both the jadhas leads to Padmasana, sins are destroyed by this.

ऊर्वो रूपरिचेद्धते उमे पादतले यथा।

पद्मासन भवेदेतत्सर्वपापप्रणाशनम्॥

It is said in the Hathayogapradipika that by keeping the right leg straight on the left thigh, keeping the right leg properly upright, in the same way, the back foot should be held with the hand of both toes by the method of back. After this, Thada should place the vision on the nasal forearm by placing it on the heart, in this way diseases are destroyed by practicing Padmasana. Although this is the method of Padmasana in Hathayogapradipika and this verse is described as literally in the Gherand Samhita (2/8), Goraksha Samhita (1/11), however, many scholars and asana penetrators have referred to it as the Buddha Padmasana.In the Shiva Samhita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika, place the vision in the nasal area by putting the rightly stretched legs on the thighs and placing the thighs and hands directly on the thighs, stab the molar root upward and place the chin on the heart. , Slowly raise the life, this antidote is very rare, then intelligent yogis practice it.

अनुष्ठाने कृते प्राण: समश्चलति तत्क्षणात्।

भवेदभ्यासने सम्यक साधकस्य न संशयः॥

पद्मासने स्थितो योगी प्राणापानविधानतः।

पूरयेत्स विमुक्त: स्यात्सत्यंसत्यं वदाम्यहम्॥

This means that the life of the seeker who performs the Padmasana ritual is completed. And enter the spinal cord. The seeker gets the right position. A yogi, who is situated in Padmasana, proves the practice of duly uniting the vital air, he is certainly free from the ocean of the world.With the practice of Padmasana, the body remains healthy and helps in pranayama, the nerves and nerves of the feet are cleansed. Stretching and keeping the ribs above the stomach while being located in Padmasana increases digestive power. Stomach disease is destroyed. Power of thought increases; Pemasana is destroyed by pulling up the nerves and veins around the anus and penis, semen disorder is destroyed, semen is strengthened, body’s ear grows. Sushumna pulse is dynamic.

Pranavayu is equally affected. By keeping the spinal cord straight, the speed of life becomes regular.LikeCopyUnsendThe practice of Padmasana causes haemorrhoids to be eliminated, gout disorders are overcome. Exhaling the inner breath by applying Padmasana and miracle is seen if you feed the stomach to the back. In Padmasana, the mind is stable and concentrated with the stability of the body, this gives the seeker the power to meditate successfully. This asana flows the life force from Muladhara Chakra to Sahasrara Chakra. There is freshness and cleanliness and elation in the nerves. The biggest advantage of Padmasana is that by its effortless practice, the body remains discreet, innocent and completely healthy. The meaning of the name Padmasana is that when it is fixed, the seeker goes beyond the world-ocean (like water).

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