Paschimottasana or Paschimatana Asana is a panacea compound used to destroy all stomach diseases. In the practice of this asana, the toes of both the feet are held with both hands stretched out in front and the head is positioned at the knees. With this asana, the body maintains strength and power. Its common method is to spread the legs with both hands and hold the thumb of both feet and keep the head on the knees. The practitioner should make the pudding by pulling the abdomen inward while simultaneously stretching the legs in front and simultaneously, do the bonding with the pudding, in the basement while pulling the apanavaayu upward and it is mixed with the pranavayu. – Destroys death.

The forehead is positioned at the knees by bending the body while pulling the fingers of both feet with the fingers of both hands.Is located at the knees. Initially ten times the breath is exhaled by the rechak pranayama, the forehead is moved to the knees and by the method of complementary pranayama, the breath is lifted up by pulling the breath in. The head should be kept between both the knees. This asana is also done by lying on the ground, a little part of the back is placed on the ground, feet are placed in a straight line from the top of the head to the back of the head and the thumb etc. remains as before.

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This asana is also done by standing, both feet are in a straight line and the hands are also straight, the forehead touches the middle of the knees and the toe etc. is grabbed by the fingers of the hand as soon as possible. It is said that while practicing Paschimottanasan by lying or sitting, the feet including the knees should be kept in a straight line, but the hands are not straight.While practicing this asana, the first thing should be to keep the palms on the thighs and sit with the legs spread out in front and the body
Should be tilted forward slowly. One should try to hold the toe. Ankles should be held as long as possible. The knees should touch the head, the body should be bent as much as it is comfortable to bend. The body should come to the first position while loosening.

The classical method of this asana is that both legs should be spread on the earth like a punishment and hold their forearms with two hands and keep them frontal on the souls, not with the two legs apart, spread separately in a straight line.

प्रसार्य पादौ भुवि दंडरूपौ दोभ्या पदाग्रदितयं गृहित्वा।

जानूपरिन्यस्तललाटदेशों वसेदिदं पश्चिमतानमाहुः।

In Regarding the practice of this asana, it has been said that it destroys the laziness of the body, the motion of the seeker’s life becomes backward, all the siddhanta becomes kartalastha. This leads to death. Special care should be taken in practicing this asana, that women who are pregnant for three months should not practice it. For people who have enlarged bowel, liver spleen disorder, this posture is also prohibited. Those who have disease in the abdomen, back pain, sciatica and joint pain, should not do this asana. Practitioner of this asana should focus his attention on the Swadhisthana Chakra, concentrate his mind on body, mind, abdominal or back muscles as well.In the Hathayogapradipika special benefits have been thrown on the benefits of Paschimottanasana. It has been said

इति पश्चिमत्तानमासनाख्यं पवनं पश्चिमवाहिनं करोति।

उदय जठरानलस्य स्य कुर्यादुदरेकाश्श्यम रोगतां च पुंसाम॥

The meaning is that Paschimottanasana makes Pranavayu the Paschwahini, lighting the stomach and making the stomach light and healthy. Through this asana, sadness of life is accomplished. Laziness is destroyed, freshness starts running in the body, digestive power increases, constipation is destroyed. Its practice purifies all the nerves and the nerves of the waist and abdomen. Cleanliness and hygiene increase in the body. Abdominal enlargement stops. With this posture, the body is always healthy and healthy. With this exercise, the muscles of the waist and buttocks remain healthy, the fat of the stomach decreases. Obesity is overcome.

This disease is destroyed by diabetes. Functionality of kidney, liver, clome subcutaneous glands increases. This asana has astonishing effect on the nerves of the brain. Keeps mental balance steady. The spiritual power of the practitioner of this asana increases, life goes on smoothly.

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