Many people apply the meaning of breath to breathing or air, and the meaning of pranayama is to say the exercise of breathing, but this notion is wrong and misleading because life is the power which is present in all living and non-living things of the world. It is undoubtedly also related to the air we breathe, but it is not just the air, but the difference between it is Vital Power. That is why when someone dies, we say that we should keep in mind this variation of the air and the life inherent in it, in the context of Pranayama. In this view, pranayam literally means to expand the dimension of life.

The purpose of pranayama is to catalyze, transmit, control and balance the prana shakti pervading the body. This brings our body and mind under control. Our decision making power increases and we are in a position to make right decisions.As a bath is needed for the purification of the body, so for the purification of the mind, for the purification of the pranayama. We are healthy and healthy by pranayama, we get longevity, our memory power increases and brain diseases are removed. Our stomach, liver, kidney, small intestine and all the organs of the digestive system are affected which make us efficient. Pranayama purifies the nerves, gives strength to our nervous system, removes the fogginess of the mind, concentrates the mind and helps in conquering the mind and the senses.

 It is said in the Vyas commentary – ‘तपो न परं प्राणायामात् ततो विशुद्धिर्मलाना दीप्तिश्चज्ञानस्य’ means that there is no asceticism more than pranayama. This leads to waste and knowledge arises.

In this context, Manu says दह्यते ध्यायमानानां धातूनां हि यथा मलाः। तथेंद्रियाणां दह्यते दोषाः प्राणस्य निग्रहात्।।Just as the feces of gold and other metals are destroyed by fire, similarly the feces of the senses are destroyed by doing pranayama.

It is in this context only that these two mantras of the Rigveda are also worth noting

:द्वाविमौ वातौ वात आ सिंधोरापरावत। दक्षं ते अन्य आं वातु परान्यो वातु यद्रपः।। आ वात वाहि भेषजं विवाह वाहि यद्रपः। त्वं हि विरत भेषजो देवानां इत ईयसे।

There are two types of life in our body called Pran and Apan. One of these two runs till the Indus, ie the heart, and the other is up to the outer Vayumadal. Practitioners of Pranayama, one of them, the Prana Vayu, brings health, vigor, enthusiasm and life force inside you, and secondly, our own air which takes away the weaknesses and diseases from outside the body.

O Prana Vayu, you bring in us the power that destroys diseases, and O dear Vayu, take out the bad things in us, which are many diseases and weaknesses; Because, O life force, you are surely the infallible medicine of all diseases throughout the world, and you are walking in us as the messengers of the gods, the divine powers. ‘

In these mantras, the rishis have described the life force as the messenger of the gods and the divine powers.

What is Pran (Life)

People say that there is life as long as the breath continues. If they stop walking, then understand – death. This thing is as common as it is important, because it is not a normal thing for the body to continue breathing normally and continuously. The responsibility of keeping any creature alive or conscious is on these breaths. This is the reason that man either takes the illusion to understand these breaths as life itself or else starts understanding soul as soul.Whereas the reality is that life is neither a soul nor an ordinary breath – it should be understood as the life of breath, but life is the root element through which all actions of breathing and breathing occur in a body. All roots, movable, immaterial substances and folk-folk originate from this life force, remain alive (pranavana) in his shelter and dissolve in him at the time of pralaya (Mahavinash).

Prana is a comprehensive life force that spreads and is active in the five-legged shells of the human body, ie, annamaya, pranamaya, manomaya, vijayamayi and joyous dictionary. All the work and business of the senses are being conducted with the power of life. Not only this, there is so much identity in this power and senses that even the senses get the illusion of understanding life when it is not. It is not even a creature or a soul.

Prana and human-respiratory activity– This action generally means to inhale and exhale by human. In the human body, both these activities occur simultaneously about fifteen to fifteen times in a minute. Under the respiratory system, man inhales through the nose and lungs and exhales through the nose and mouth. Prana (oxygen) absorbed by breathing reaches and works continuously in the shells of annamaya, pranamaya, manomaya etc. Prana also performs the work of mixing the body and mind of man. Hence Pranayama is required to combine the two. In fact, no yoga practice is possible without pranayama. This life works in the human body through many channels, blood vessels and atoms. Due to this same function and area-diversity in the body, Prana or Pranavayu has been designated by different names, which are as follows

prime Acessory

1.Pran 6. Naag 2.Apan 7.Kuram 3.Saman 8.Karkar 4.Vayan 9.Devdath 5.Udhyan 10.Dhanjay

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