First principle of health

Healthy’ means (heal+ thy), Being situated in ourselves, why all  power is running outward. everything we are looking for outside. you will often hear people saying that it was a cold so have a cold Gaya , the weather was bad, so there was a fever, whereas in reality it is not. The whole process of health starts from the inside and yoga leads us to our other. nature( god ) has created the body’ Sampoorna’. as  is in the same system as a whole body to keep myself healthy 

Snake disease is caused by stopping the foreign matter( disorder) in the body. The disease that is named today  that will be tomorrow, The reason for all of them., If we take care of our body a little bit and do not let the disorder stop in the body then we should never be patient because health is possible only by strengthening the internal organs of the body. The disease has caught you, then I do not say that you do not take, but the medicine also works only when the inner body is active, the hearts, lungs, digestive system ,lanes do their work smoothly ,manage the body through brain pulse-formulas, because if the medicine was to give you health, then new way of treating diseases have come out, new- new medicine has come in the market ,then every person should be healthy, but this has not happened but today  disease has increased even more.

It is not that science and treatment-related inventions are useless, but they can be taken advantage of more and more smoothly, if we do not just depend on medicine and also follow the basic rules and principles of health.

Here it is important to say an important thing that health cannot be given,only disease can be removed. The sick person wanders with the medicine but if the disease ends, then the medicine also gets rid. Thus-illness if so , There is no value to the medicine or the drug has no value.both medicine and disease are poison,because medicine will act as poison for a healthy person, while the disease is probably poison,it will only harm the person.


Rock, Cliff, High, Tableau, Mountain

Ayurveda has called the balance of kapha,pitta and vata as the principle of health. The Ayurveda is a nature friendly method,it tries to express health in the  true sense only by establishing unity with nature.kapha (cold element) in human life. The systematic and gradual arrangement of pitta (hot element) and vata (air element) is to strengthen  health .The tridosha exists in the life of human beings, bringing them into equilibrium is called the principle of health. Every human is suffering from any of the faults and when a person removes all the disorders by physical and mental activity, then the condition of health becomes available to him.

Everyone  can have his own health principle individually.  Human life is a unique life where every person has relevance Because each person is there to keep themselves healthy. an adoption mechanism has been adopted in which some people have success or some fail only because each person  lives with the same level of body and mind or overall alcohol, then health to be received.

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