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1.Practice yogasan early in the morning by removing from defecation etc. after bathing and doing yoga Aasan, it will be better. Taking a bath makes  the body light, supple and the postures are good. At the same time, asanas can be done when the stomach is empty.

2.The posture should be quiet and clean. Aasanas are very good if done in a garden or  ground.

3.Where the  Aasan is done, it should be flat. Aasan should be done by  flying carpet or blankets so that the magnetic force on the ground does not break your attention and nothing is driving you from below. when doing the asana of the back,make sure that the head part is not in a high position, that it is flat or it is slightly lower, this will make the back posture good.

4.Do not talk at all while doing yoga asana, focus your attention on the breathing and the part on which the forces exert . the more you do asanas after concentration,the more physical and mental benefits will be gained.  Before  embarking on the Asana  clam the breath, body and mind

5.Yogasan is a non-violent action.They should not be tremors  while doing this. perform every Aasan by stretching the body, pulling it and slowly. after that, your body relaxes for a few moments. when your breathing is in a natural state, do another  posture.

6.Increase the practice of yoga asanas  gradually. practice daily going to the full posture position. gradually, your joints will open and there will be  elasticity in the body. It can take 6 months or even a year to  reach the full position of the posture, so without getting frustrated, keep practicing the Aasan regularly, success will be certain.

7.According to the season, practice for fashion by wearing a minimum of clothes. Do Asana by tying the nappies  below and putting on shorts or pajamas.

8. All children, Old men and women can practice yoga. individuals from 10 years 80/85  years can practice yoga. Asanas  should be practiced mathematically by learning from a knowledgeable person. Yogasan is a scientific method that is related to the internal organs of the body,  so without learning it can cause harm. learn and do them under the instruction of any yoga teacher.

9. A person doing yoga Aasan should keep his food light. food should be digestible,sattvic  and natural. the lighter the food, the more its working power will increase. the body will be lighter.

10. A person suffering from difficult disease  and fever should not practice Asana and Pranayama. women cannot do Aasan 3 or 4  months of pregnancy, then she should give up the asanas. After that, walk and light exercise should be done.Asana is  prohibited for women even during menstrual days .Only healthy people and those suffering from common disease should practice Asana and Pranayama.

11. Initially, do not do many asanas on the same day. perform each asana slowly with the blind eye.sarvangasana  and headstand can be increased gradually for 10 minutes. do not move from the last position of the posture to the first position.

12.Properties of a person should be such that they can be countered after posture, such as their  worship after paschimottanasana,matsyasana  after konasana and sarvangasana etc. 

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