Sarvangasana has been said to be a very useful asana towards keeping the body healthy. In this posture, the seeker lies on his back and tilts the two legs together and melds them together and keeps the elbows as high as possible by supporting the waist with the hands by hinging the elbows on the ground. While practicing this asana, it should be kept in mind that both the legs are raised slowly. Keep your hands on both sides of the ground. Lying down should be straight. The legs should be raised so high that the whole body remains till tomorrow.Place both hands around the waist in such a way that the body lifted up should be straightened in the form of meridians. While practicing this asana, placing a pillow below the waist at the beginning gives great convenience, both legs should be raised with the top up and the biggest thing is that the entire weight of the body remains balanced on the shoulders.

In the practice of this asana, the Jalandhar Bandhu gets attached automatically when you are attached to the chin gorge. After performing Sarvangasana, on the contrary, the practice of asana, matsyasana, uttrasana or suptavajrasana is particularly beneficial. A person who has high blood pressure and heart disease, liver and spleen function is not working properly, he should not practice this asana.

There are many strains of Sarvangasana. One form is called vertical Sarvangasana. The feet should be stretched tactically by applying Sarvangasana. By practicing it before Sarvangasana, the practice of Sarvangasana is accomplished very soon. First, both feet should be placed around each other and lie down. After this, the feet should be raised slowly. The body should be balanced on the head and shoulder. In the beginning, support should be given to the waist with hands. It is also called the opposite posture or antithesis. If one leg rests on the ground behind the head, it is called Ekapada Sarvangasana and keeping the other leg up is called the vertical Sarvangasana. In the same way, Padmasana is applied by raising the legs, by applying Sarvangasana.This is called Sarvagapadmahnusparshasana.

By running both legs back and forth by applying vertical congruency, the body is energized. It is a universal operation. One form is Sarvang Hasta Padangushta-Sparshasana. The seeker must first be situated in Sarvangasana. It is a premonition to place the foot on the back as it is on the ground. When the foregoing is done, the handpainted gesture is done. As soon as the feet come up after the foretaste, they should be positioned above the chest in front of you, slowly keeping the back raised and holding the thumb of the feet but the knees of the feet should not bend.

The leg looks round (circular) when the back is lifted and the thumb is held with hands. This is the strains of Sarvangasana.
After practicing sarvangasana and their strains, performing matsyasana and dhanurasana leads to a pre-stressed nervous state. All types of fat diseases are destroyed by Sarvangasana. There is an open appetite. It is beneficial for diseases of the liver and spleen diseases. It purifies the blood. The kidney destroys stones in the gallbladder under the liver. Smallpox, pneumonia, chronic fever, cholera, abdominal diseases, exacerbation of intestinal disorders are suppressed. Menstrual disease of women is cured. It is very beneficial in sciatica, hernia, constipation etc. Eye-light increases, heart disease is cured. Strength and elation increase in organ-affliction, healing is found.

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