Siddhasana is an important posture not only in yoga practice, but also in increasing physical and mental and spiritual strength. This asana brings amazing success in the practice of meditation. Siddhasana has been said to be very simple and very useful. Those who practice yoga asanas and asanas have great ease in subduing pranavayu through this asana. The general method for Siddhasana is to fasten the heel of the left foot between the suture, ie, the anus and the subretinal sense, in such a way that its soles touch the thigh of the right foot.

 After this, stabilize the thumb and index finger of the left leg between the calves of the right thigh. Likewise, the right toe and index finger in the middle of the left thigh and the calf,the weight of the entire body should be bent on the vein between the heel and the suture. By doing this, there is a burning sensation in the pulse group, so a half inch thick padding or cloth under the buttocks should be applied on the square. While practicing Siddhasana, legs should be spread in front and sit. 

By turning the left foot on the right calf, keeping its claws on the right calf, the pressure of the left foot on the bone of the vestibule should be kept constant. The fingers of the left foot and the outer part of the paws should be stuck on the right calf and thigh muscles, similarly holding the fingers of the right foot up or down between the left calf and thigh Should be cropped The knee should be placed on the ground and the left heel just above the right heel. Once Siddhasana is engaged, put both hands in the posture of knowledge on both the knees of the feet, that is, mix the thumb and index finger. 

This is a method of applying Siddhasana with ease. At the same time, it should also be remembered that Hanu should remain fixed on the heart, his body should be straight and stable while he is in a puppet. If possible and can be practiced easily, then after applying Siddhasana, there is great benefit by publishing Amritastrao by operating the tongue in the place of origin.

Yogasastra sheds considerable light on the method, importance and benefits of Siddhasana in various Yoga texts and many Upanishads and its narratives have coordinated monotony, integrality. Maharishi Gherand in Gherand Samhita, Yogeshwar Gorakhnath has expressed his views on the basis of Siddhasana-method described by Lord Shiva in Siva Samhita in Goraksha Samhita and Yogi Swatmaram in Hathayogapradipika. Yogeshwar Gorakhnath has described a special yoga experience in Siddhasana’s description. His description is very meaningful. Vaginal place.

योनिस्थानकर्मधिमूलघटितं कृत्वादृढ़विन्यसे न्मेढ़े पादमथैकमेव हृदये कृत्वा हनुं सुस्थिरम्। स्थाणुः संयमितेन्द्रियो चलदृशा पश्येद् भुवोरन्तरं, हृयतन्मोक्षकपाटभेदजनक सिद्धासन प्रोच्यते॥

The statement of Yogeshwar ji means that there is a place of vagina (Kundalini) between the anus and the ram, press it with the heel of the left foot and the heel of the right foot continuously pressurize the medullary sense. In this state, the ankles of both feet become equal from top to bottom and both toes are hidden under thigh and golf. After this, by stabilizing the chin above the four fingers of the heart, by applying Jalandhar bandh, it should be seen in front of the eye between two eyebrows by concentrating. This posture is the door to salvation Unlocks The practice of pranayama has been emphasized in the Yogatattopanishad by applying the mahabandha through this asana. There is a hint of Siddhasana in it.

पाणि वामस्य पादस्य योनिस्थाने नियोजयेत्। प्रसार्य दक्षिणं पादं हस्माभ्यां धारयेद् दृढम्॥ चुबुक हदि विन्यस्य पूरयेद् वायुना पुनः। कुम्भकेन यथाशक्ति धारयित्वा तु रेचयेत्॥ वामांगेन समस्यस्य दखांगेन ततो भ्यसेत्॥

Hathayogapadipika has described the short method of Siddhasana that in the upper part of the rams keep the heel of the left foot and sit on the left foot keeping the right gulf.

Siddhasana is Vajrasana, Halasana and according to the belief of many people. In Vajasana, both thighs are hardened like Vaja and both feet are placed on both sides of the anus. In Moolasana, he is seated upright by placing the right eddy on the head and the cervix with the same gesture by placing the left heel in the gudamool. In Guptasan, the Guhyas region is placed between the legs by attaching both legs to the secret section. Siddhasana provides immense mental and spiritual strength to the practitioner and practitioner of yoga. While practicing it, yoga knowledge is attained, in pranayama, with this effect, the yoga practitioner crosses the world ocean. Get rid of all sins is।

Many benefits of this asana have been mentioned in Hathayogapradipika. Just as it is necessary to have a small meal in Yama and follow non-violence in the rules, similarly Siddhasana is especially beneficial in all asanas. Sewage treatment of seventy-two thousand channels takes place through this. After practicing Siddhasana in twelve years by the use of self-knowledge and a meager diet, Yogasiddhi is accessible.

While practicing Siddhasana, Kerala should do like Kulak Pranayama. Woolen art is proven after this. Mulayand Uddiyan and Jalandhar, all three are proved to be tied.

The greatest gift of Siddhasana is the attainment of the immune state. Through this, the Yogi incorporates the mind in the post of Zero-Niranjan and praises the moonlight-secret of Sahastrar. Brahmacharya remains with this Siddhasana. Semen is flawless upward. Lives on soul and mind. With the practice of Siddhasana, the pressing of the semen vessel makes the mind’s sensuality calm. Householders should reduce its practice. This posture is forbidden for women. The practice of this asana leads to hunger, it is necessary to consume cow’s milk. A person suffering from disorders of cytica and the lower part of the spine should not do this asana. This asana fills the nerves. With this asana, I wish, breathing, catarrh (cold), heart disease, spleen diseases, chronic fever, indigestion, diarrhea, dysentery, nightmares, polyuria, urine are destroyed. Swastikaasan should be done with this posture. The glory and utility of Siddhasana is inexplicable and unique.

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