Singhasan amit is very useful for yoga seeker in terms of physical healing and attainment of strength and elation. Its common method is to bend both legs from knees to backwards. Both hands should be placed on the knees or fixed between the two knees. In short, the method of this asana is to stabilize the pedestal under the buttocks in such a way that the left leg falls under the right buttock, then fingers the two hands towards the abdomen and stabilize the thigh, the inner belly Pulling the tongue out of the chest and pulling out the chest, take out the tongue and deposit it on the chin. The classical method of the throne is described in texts like Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gherand Samhita and Trisikha Panishads.

गुल्फौच वृषणस्याघः सीवस्य पार्श्वयोः क्षिपेत्।

दक्षिणे सव्यगुल्फं तु दक्षगुल्फं तु सव्यके॥

हस्तौ तु जान्वोः संस्थाप्य स्वांगुली: संप्रसार्य च|

व्यात्तवक्त्रों निरीक्षेत् नासाग्र सुसमाहित:।|

सिंहासन भवेदेतत्पूजितं योगिपुंगवै।

बन्धत्रितयसंधानं कुरूते चासनोत्तमम्॥

This means that under the scrotum, place the ankles in both the sutures of the suture, the right ankle in the left lateral and the left ankle in the right lateral, while practing this asana, hands should be properly placed on the sides. The fingers of the hands should be spread, the mouth should be spread and the eye sight should be spread. Maharishi Ghernd has said that by reversing both the ankles, applying under the scrotum, narrowing the vein of the throat and applying the chin to the heart, should prove a cure. In the Mediterranean, eyes should be spread wide. Diseases are also destroyed by this. There is no difference in the description of Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gherand Samhita.

गुल्फौच व वृषणस्याधी व्युत्क्रमेणोर्ध्ंतांगतौ
चितिभूलोभूमिसंस्थः कृत्वा च जानुनोपरि॥
व्यक्तव्क्त्रोंजलन्धरं च नासाग्रमवलोकयेत्।
सिंहासन भवेदेतत्सर्वव्याधिविनाशकम्॥

This asana provides immense benefit from both the ankles by pressing the opposite method of the seam and extending both the knees and hands.

सीवनी गुल्फदेशाभ्यां निपीड्य व्युत्क्रमण तु।

प्रसार्य जानुनोर्हस्तावासनं सिहरूपकम्॥

With this posture, Moolbandha, Uddiyana Bandha and Jalandhar Bandha, all three are attained, by thinking of the strength of the lion in the mind, the power of the heart increases. Jalandhar binds the mind, makes one hungry. Diseases of the abdominal cavity are destroyed by pulling. Applying the base of the Apanavayu above and above the base and applying Jalandharbandha on top, impairs the life of the soul. This awakens Kundalini. And the body remains healthy. The testicle stops growing. Almost all diseases of the throat are destroyed. The wrinkles in the mouth are automatically eliminated. The beauty of the face increases, the eye light increases.LikeCopyUnsendIn the practice of this asana, care should be taken that our mouth should be facing towards the sun and bend slightly forward with the help of Mujao, head should look backwards and head, as if someone is just sitting and looking. District should be possible. The tongue should be pulled out by opening the mouth, by removing the force from the nose, slowly clear the voice from the throat.

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