In Sukhasana, the seeker sits in such a position that he feels pleasure. The practitioner of this asana should sit in a palathi in such a way that there is no tension on the feet, nor should the practitioner practice sitting upright without discomfort and discomfort in sitting. The feet should be placed in such a way that one limb does not put pressure on the other.

The simplest method of this is that the seeker should sit with his legs spread in front of his body. Fold the right leg and place the claw under the left thigh. After this, bend the left leg and place the claw under the right thigh. Keep your hands on your knees as soon as possible. Keep head, neck and back straight. This is good governance.

A general description of this is available in the Trisikhibrahmanopanishad.

येन केन प्रकारेण सुखं धार्य च जायते।


Sukhasana is an ideal posture for new practitioners to meditate. At the time of worship, many people stand with this posture and meditate, contemplate and worship the presiding deity. When the practitioner gets used to applying another posture to the meditator, then he should abandon sitting in Sukhasana. This posture is very beneficial for the person whose heartbeat increases due to walking, is nervous. The practice of this asana stops the mind, keeps the mind calm and the body gets rest.

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