Swastika has been enumerated since time immemorial as an indispensable symbol of Indian culture, and people’s belief in its auspiciousness and Shivamata will remain unbroken for eternity. The importance of Swastika asana in the field of Yoga and practice is only clear from this point of view. It is known that our yogis have learned to practice it first. 

The common simple method of swastika asana is to spread the right toe and other four fingers like scissors, press the left foot and the lower part of the thigh joint in it, the right leg should be attached to the left thing,thus the left leg. By moving the right leg under the right foot, press the right leg and the bottom part of the thigh joint in the catch of the thumb and fingers and apply the left leg sole with the right thigh. The right leg can also be used in place of the left foot and the left foot in the place  of the right foot. 

This asana is similar to Siddhasana, but the difference between the two is only that like Siddhasana, there is no heel pressure on the suture (the location of four fingers between the anus to the subsurface). The general starting sequence of extension is that first the legs should be stretched to sit in the front, then the left leg should bend and the paws should be close to the right thigh muscles. Similarly, by turning the right leg,its fingers between the left thigh and calf muscles. The fingers of both the feet should be kept between both thighs and calves. Both hands and feet should be placed on the knees in Gyanmudra (with the thumb of the hand touching his next finger (index finger).

Through this asana, the practitioner is able to get the instrument of air as quickly as possible. The Swastika posture is so glorified that it is said to be very useful for meditation in the practice of Rajedhi Raja Yoga. This meditation should be practiced by sitting in a beautiful monastery, uninhabitable and devoid of living beings, by sitting in a swastika posture and worshiping the Guru. This asana is done with great ease, hence it is also known as Sukhasana, this asana should be kept secret, it is of great importance, it leads to the control of pranavayu or the accomplishment of pranayama, health and health is increased by this asana. 

The great advantage is that the spine remains stable,Which helps the seeker in meditating. There is an upward movement of semen, the power of celibacy increases in the seeker, there is an excitement in the nerves. Due to proper flow of life in the  of soul in the listening pulse, the mind gets concentrated and there is amazing success in meditation.

Time ,strainghten the body By sitting, there is a natural tension in our nerves, their work force exerts a healing effect on the body components, this asana is beneficial for all but those who suffer from sciatica and who have disorders of lower back pain, etc. They should not do this posture.

Although the practice of performing this asana is first and later the practice of other asanas is attained, only the body and mind will be fully healthy by only proving the swastika asana. 

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