How to remove Acidity problem permanently in just 10 days

Symptoms of Acidity :

अविपाकक्लमोत्क्लेशत्तिक्ताम्लोद्गारगौरवैः– Indigestion of the food include loss of internal consciousness of the body, sour and unpleasant belching, burning sensation in the chest or throat, the taste of the tongue becomes monotonous, it should be understood that the acid inside our stomach Has been overpowered and acidosis has taken root.

Main reason for Acidity:

At the time of digestion in the stomach, when the combustion of oxygen starts, they are converted to carbonic acid after ignition. There are innumerable gastric glands located near the blood cells under our digestive system, these glands are specially affected by the carbonic acid corpus and start secreting their juice. These glands become very active as soon as the digested food enters the stomach and a large amount of digestive juices are released from them. These secretions are of acid form.

When we eat food without hunger, artificial hunger or lack of appetite, these glands are forced to do more labor than their time. The food that the stomach does not need is pushed into the small intestine below the abdomen and some portions move into the small intestine, depending on the chemical support of the secretion that results from it. In both these states, the digestion process starts before the arrival of digested or unpasteurized food. Clome juice starts its main activity. At this place, other juices like bile from other subsidiary glands are also secreted to help in the work of clome juice. But the main thing is that when we eat extra food or food without hunger, then in our digestion, often all these juices are so inefficient, together that we cannot complete the task of digesting it completely.

The obvious result of this is that the unfermented food starts to rot in the intestine and as a result, along with the bile, which is more secreted than expected, starts to produce symptoms of acidic excesses. When the situation becomes more agitated or despite these symptoms, we repeatedly eat food without hunger or start eating more than the quantity, then all this rotten substance in the intestines gets converted into venom. Even the blood disorder starts with their connection. In such a situation, one thing is that when these substances of acid poison upwards, then there is no burning sensation in the chest, the throat also starts causing problems due to excessive contamination and disorderly burning. This acidic poison does not lag behind in neutralizing the alkaline balanced state of blood. The result of this is the result that in our body, a terrible condition of depression diminishes.Similar to the chemical acids prepared in laboratories, which require hydrogen, oxygen etc. in preparation, this acid toxin is quite dangerous. In the digestive system also, as we have told, this acid toxin is prepared in this way, because the juices of the auxiliary clome-gland, etc., are found in each other, due to their chemical combination, this acid juice is produced in the stomach and Therefore, when it is more in natural state, it takes a terrible form.

Bile also contains a similar combustion process. When there is a natural state inside the body, then all this glandular secretion acts as a helpful element in digesting food in nature itself. And, after completing its action itself, it remains fruitless in harmless form. But when this does not happen, the excess secretion becomes acidic toxin (Toxin) in the digestive system.These poisons have a partial effect in the nerves, muscles and other vital organs, and as our entire body system is forced to abandon its natural religion, the whole healthy state of our body starts to become sick. As a result of excess of these acid-poisons, due to their continuous increase in the body, gastritis, duodenal disease, duodenal ulcer, ulcerative diseases like acidic effects start taking extreme forms and the patient is not only suffering from their suffering. , But sometimes a daze also arises. In fact, this whole situation is a natural call to the body system, to the virus.

They are their homemakers(Life-force), in order to get a shot from these enemies, calls out that they should be protected as soon as possible. This protective element can actually be an army of healthy blood. The resistance to acid disease is thus increased in the blood, confirmed by new blood.

 Yoga for Acidity:

In the morning, one should do smooth gestures and postures or Asanas related to it should be used. After the bowel movement do the warisar-dhoti action and repeat Agnisar-dhoti number 1 10 times. Do the number 2 four times, after which you should do excursion-pranayama.
Performing evening pranayama, repeat Sahaj Agnisar 30 times, do Pashchimottanasana four times, perform Pawanmuktasana four times, do Yogamudra eight times, perform Sarvangasana four times and Sahaj Pranayam of Number 1, Number 2 and Number 8 every two minutes. Do for When these diseases start to be controlled respectively, then other exercises should be started.

Treatment of Acidity

At the time of acute infection of duodenal colic or enteritis, the patient should aim carefully at which stomata the nose is inhaling and at the same time start venturing from the other stomata. For example, if he is breathing from the left foramen of the nose, then he should start the ventilation of the right foramen and if he is breathing from the right side, he should start from the left. In this way, this action will directly affect the form of palliative medicine. In the following pages, we have written some special things about this breathing activity under the theme Pranayama.

Rules and diet for Acidity:

As long as the temperature remains in the body or you feel the pain of pain, nothing should be taken except taking lemon juice with lukewarm water. Cold water can be drunk after some time. The patients of this disease often do not feel thirsty at all, but must make a habit of drinking five or six glasses throughout the day. People suffering from acidosis often have a feeling of hunger. The reason for this is that the stomach glands become more active with food power and the extra secretions released from them continue to generate artificial hunger. As a result of this, this patient starts becoming gourmet like Marbhuke.It is also often the case that they do not have real hunger during regular meals, only the feeling of artificial hunger remains on their psyche.

Drinking only one glass of water is sufficient, controlling your mood from previous studies. If it is not satisfied, then some sour or sweet fruit can be taken, but you should avoid taking anything more than this. Butter, ghee, tinned meat and fish, poultry, powdered milk, cheese, chhena, etc., should never be eaten as long as the acid-disease effect continues. Similarly, in the market for children and the sick, the hyped food available in the hyped teens should be avoided or fast food.When some control is made on the prevailing condition of the disease, then light food should be taken for three to four days. In this, only the juice of vegetables should be taken. Fruit juice should also be taken and milk should be drunk. Keep in mind that five parts of a meal should contain four parts alkaline substances.
 Until the patient is completely healthy, almonds (oil-ghee), heavy food, too much hot food, cooked lentils and ghee or cheddar items or sweets should be stopped altogether. Even then, do not use oil and ghee at all, it should not be so. Ghee, butter or oil can be treated in small quantities to make dal and tarkari. Buttermilk is more beneficial than milk.

If the digestion of milk is correct, then warm milk should be taken only once. He should never boil completely. But if you can get milk extracted from raw coconut instead of cow’s milk, then the patient will benefit more.It is often seen that such patients drink more soda in the form of carbonate to get quickness.

Doctors also often practice sodabai-carb and calomel and other alkaline mixtures in such situations. This type of treatment can only have a transient benefit, but it is not the actual treatment, but it also has a disadvantage that it also makes the stomach glands active and can cause so much damage that these extra After labor, often they stop their work due to exhaustion and at that time the situation becomes such that even when there is no food in the stomach, the acid secretes from these glands automatically. Confirms! Therefore, this type of treatment only causes abnormality in the disease and after some time, the possibility of the disease getting revived presents in such a severe form that duodenal disease, duodenitis and gastric colic etc. Are produced in a dominant form. For the information about some other things related to this disease, ‘indigestion disease’ should also be studied.

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