Treatment of Beri-Beri

Symptoms of Beri-Beri:

This disease produces a lot of inflammation similar to ascites. The arrival of this disease in our country has come as a new disease. It is difficult to say on the strength of whatever fact or evidence has been found in relation to this disease, that the sages and sages of Ayurveda must have accepted this disease as an independent disease. As far as we speculate, Ayurveda-proponents must have considered this disease under neurosurgery. In fact, it is close to ascites and in particular there is an abnormality of neural crime.Initially, the veins of the patient’s feet begin to swell and they develop edema. This often happens in the same way as seen in ascites.

The reason for this is that a blockage occurs in the blood circulation and due to its outbreak it happens. The root cause of inflammation is that a fluid which is present in the blood stops and causes rotting and when this crime is not purified in time, this rotten fluid will process its toxin throughout the body. Starts doing business. The muscle and arterial edema which becomes much more widespread. The blood cells become weak. Along with this, there is a natural relaxation in blood circulation. The result is that the heart is forced to be more active than its power and as a result, it too becomes weak.While such patients start getting heart disease on the one hand, there is a disturbing worry situation in their breath. He starts suffering from breathlessness, that is, he has difficulty breathing. Here another type of Beri-Beri disease has emerged which is called dry category disease. There is no inflammation of the feet in it. It is only in the nerves that partial paralysis, which we call a partial power, occurs. It often occurs at the ends of the body components and occurs partially in some parts of the body. While there is some intense burning sensation in other organs, then this burning sensation is especially felt in the body.

Reason for Beri-Beri:

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) - sources, benefits, risks - My Health in Check
Deficiency of vitamin B-1

According to modern medical science, when there is a lot of deficiency of vitamin B-1 in our body, then the possibility of berry-berry disease in our body becomes stronger. This vitamin B-1 is found in the light which is lightly brought on the rice under the skin of the paddy. This vitamin is also found in some other foods. The rice that is prepared in the mills is removed at that time, so Vitamin B-1 is not left in any form in these rice. Those people whose main food is rice, they should take this vitamin in some other form. Otherwise, the possibility of diseases like beri-beri will dominate them equally. In addition to the order of modern experts, this recognition has also been repeated that if any kind of harmful substance is mixed in the mustard oil with which we cook food, then this disease will not remain without manifesting. Today most people eat their food Prepare with oil.People mix white spleen oil in mixed form and the result is that toxin gets collected in our food system in many ways and continues to be helpful in the growth of this disease But really we should not accept these facts as the underlying cause of this disease. This may be a helpful reason for the disease to erupt.

Those affluent families, who eat a lot of milk, cheese, bread and fruits etc. and who do not even have vitamin B-1, have been seen getting infected by this disease. It is also seen that in most of the people who are able to take a very nutritious diet, this disease is seen more often, than those who are not so lucky to have questions of vitamin, protein, calories etc. But you should be able to think and get the good luck of getting food according to them.We have already pictured that there is such a natural force inside our body that can not only encroach toxic flows from the body, but is also able to absorb them. Air, Agni and Varuna-glands, while engaged in similar work, revise the body’s new, give them sustenance and protect the whole body of the body in harmony and help each other in India. As long as there is no disturbance or disturbance in the work of these glands, people generally remain healthy and happy and no disease is produced. But when the sick lungs weaken due to the curse of possible causes, and the breathlessness starts to become brief or quick, then neither the oxygen in the body gets the full amount of oxygen, nor the toxic dirty air inside the body gets out. Can get in quantity. In this way, diseases like leprosy start increasing due to the presence of such defects in the air and the accumulation of internal poisons in the body keeps on increasing. When the liver becomes very weak, then the appetite also decreasesand the digestive function also becomes impaired. In the same way, the glands which do supplementary work in each other’s work, also the spleen, kidneys, etc. also become inefficient in their work. As a result, they too cannot complete their work of taking out the urine, purish etc. Therefore, these feces also rot in their other places and stay in the last ends of the intestine.We have told in the case of Drishti Sight, how the critic begins to move the vision power towards Haas when he has a gall disorder. This shows that it is not only due to lack of vitamin B1 – but, when the body’s major glands – liver, lungs, kidneys, etc., become impaired in their function, then such outbreaks occur. Therefore, it should be accepted that just like the causes of dropsy, rheumatism, indigestion and acidity, the causes are very variable. It is the heterogeneous matter, which gets blocked and accumulated in the life system and finds an explosive route to find its outer path, which is another name disease.Berry-Berry is also grown in young children. Many die immediately after the disease. If we find the reason for this, it will be known that such congenital children are suffering from such harmful diseases only due to the effect of the mothers, who have accumulated venom in the body. (In this context, please also see the case of acidity and ascites).

Treatment of Beri-Beri & Yoga for Beri-Beri


In the morning, related postures and postures should be done along with spontaneous activity. In this particular disease, salt should not be added to the water while doing the Vasti Kriya. Yoga postures, Janushirassan and Sahaja Pranayama numbers 1,2 and 8 should be done after excretion. After this, Vamana Dhoti should be done two days a week, excursion pranayama, which is a breath exercise done with the excursion.

In the evening, do Pranayama and Agnisar Dhauti numbers 1 and 2. Repeat Sahaja Agnisara 40 times, Sahaja Antitranshi, Pawanmuktasana and Sahaj Pranayama Numbers 1, 2 and 7.
Along with the mitigation of the disease, other exercises should be increased. Increase the amount of additional water you drink. Water bath can also be taken to suit your health.

Rules and food for Beri-Beri:

In this disease, medicine does not benefit. In a way, it helps the MLA to further poison the various systems and causes a delay in the treatment of the disease by making the disease fresh and strong and anomalous, due to the more complicated disease. There is also the fear of stopping the extent, which results in immediate death, so such people, who are very drug-loving, should at least take special precautions in this disease.
 In the acute state of disease, if fasting is kept for 3 4 even 7 days, then there will be a lot of benefit in the direction of disease-mitigation.

Juice, drink once boiled milk and some quantity Will happen. While using such food, only ripe juicy fruits or their s. We should take cheddar water or cottage-water or even of vegetables. Take only 2 teaspoons of honey per day with water. One way of not drinking more water every time can be kept in such a way that drinking 5 rose water and 7 glasses of water in summer will be sufficient.When there is an expected improvement in the acute state of the disease, then the instructions given in the disease and ascites disease should be followed. While discarding mills polished rice for vitamin B-1, take only rice that has been stirred or covered in dheki, on which there is a fraction of redness, it should be taken in the day meal. At night, bread made of bran-containing wheat flour can be taken. Instead of eating pulses, pulses juice should be taken until the liver and kidney start working in the precursor and the hunger is in a sufficient state to open.

The best dietary fruits and vegetables for this disease can be, tomatoes, ladyfinger, raw banana, turnip, root of root, milk, matha, sweet and sweet juicy fruits. Until the patient reaches complete sickness, complete exclusion of fish or meat. Whatever food is cooked, a lot of ghee or oil ghee should be added to it. As far as possible, the mustard oil after being sick,To a large extent, it should be considered as an abstinence and salt or ghee should not be taken in extra form during meals.Berry Berry disease shows its color in the tropical regions. In summer, the temperature generated by the temperature of the sun is so high that it liberates the body from having to consume its superior food to keep its temperature in good condition. After taking so much life, it should be kept in mind that only light, digestible food should be kept in the summer. It should be remembered that during this season, it should not be used that foods rich in fat and foods in which nitrogenous are the most. This order must be complied with, because by consuming such devotional substances, extra heat is produced inside the body and it weakens the food system by striking it. After that, he will be able to explode this kind of disease Becomes the major cause.

There is an alkaline fraction in the blood, it is actually immune to any disease. Evaporative foods compensate for the loss of the body and give full support in regularizing the body temperature. In this view, they have a useful place in the body. But when more such food is taken, then the opposite action starts and the acidic fraction in the blood starts increasing and when this state starts to transgress its limits in the blood, then after that the body can become the victim of many diseases. is. Only the control of diseases remains. This basic useful principle for health should always be kept in front. It is essential for good health. When the delay is overcome by disease, 80 percent of the food in that food is alkaline and only 20 percent acidic, which is sugar, carbohydrate, fat and nitro genius food.

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