How to control Blood pressure enlargement in just 2 days

symptoms of Blood pressure :

If the arteries or cells of the blood (superficial blood-flow capillaries) become diseased due to weakness, then the natural idea of ​​blood cannot be completely passed through them. In that case, the heart has to be forced to apply more power to strengthen the blood so that the circulation of blood from these infirm arteries is regular. This excess blood pressure dominates the arteries of the heart,

Actually this is blood pressure.Due to this disease, sleep breaks in the middle of the night, one has to get up for urination several times during the night and there is some difficulty in sleeping on the left side. The ears are often filled with the sound of hum. Again and again the head starts circling, the heartbeat increases, asphyxia also starts. These symptoms occur early in the disease. Western medical science has determined that if the blood pressure rises above 155 mm, then it is high blood pressure and if it remains below 110 mm, then it is low blood pressure. In modern times, a new device has emerged, the sphygmomanometer, so that every person Blood pressure can be measured. In general, if we add one fifth of a person’s age to 120 mm, then a healthy person’s the blood pressure of a healthy person is known. Some people have applied the principle that if a person’s age is added to 100 mm, then the blood pressure of a healthy person becomes comfortable.

For example, if a person is 60 years old, it will be 120+60/5 = 132 mm, but from other mathematics it will be 100+ 60/2 = 130.

Reason for Blood pressure:

The protein which is present in the diet, performs its complementary action in filling many deficiencies of the body. People who do not do hard physical labor do not need this protein food. When deleterious lazy men and women often consume a protein-rich diet every day, whether they do this in the absence of physical fitness or because of excessive indulgence in such meals, the result is that their food system Additional protein is required to accumulate. And the situation is that the body does not need this extra protein in any form, because the body does not have such a system to protect the stored protein by keeping it out of the state. For this, the glands of the liver and digestive system have to do a lot of labor.

Think of it as the normal drains unable to drain excess rainwater due to heavy rains and at that stage additional pumps and motors have to be built to carry away the filled water on the roads. But even when the extra effort of these glands is not able to take these accumulated proteins out of the body, the remaining protein starts to rot inside the body and continues to produce toxin in the body. Blood also starts getting contaminated with this toxin. The result is that the whole body starts to become a storehouse of gastric troubles. The kidneys and the lungs along with all the bleeding elements also get affected and get affected by these poisons. Resulting in purification of blood in fairy volume Could not happen.Due to the mixing of these poisons in the blood, the elasticity that remains in the arteries and due to which they circulate and shrink while transmitting the blood, in place of them comes a sclerosis.

Simply, blood in the arteries cannot transmit in the natural state, because in the absence of suppleness, they become stuffy. Now the situation becomes that the heart has to apply special force to circulate blood in the arteries and hence it is forced to work more than its power. He has to beat more than necessary to produce this extra pressure. In the end, the disease called blood pressure takes its anxious form after producing this extra labor and heartbeat.A situation we should pay more attention to. People who eat a lot of greasy or affectionate food, but do not do any exertion or exercise properly, can not achieve full cooking by reaching maximum smoothness in their body. As a result, that strong substance starts accumulating in their body and from this collection the fat starts to become fat or gross. If this quantity increases further, that fat not only starts to penetrate their arteries, but also enters their superior and lower level veins. It creates a resistance in the movement of blood there. Gradually, the blood passage in these vessels becomes very narrow.

A situation comes that the blood cannot travel in full quantity from these blocked routes, it is helpless. Even at that stage, the heart has to do more labor, so that with these narrowly blocked pathways it can give more pressure to the blood to move.From this description, readers will understand that fat-growth is also a main cause of oily or affectionate substances in blood pressure Excess fat is not produced in the body until blood is produced in excess in the body. Due to the increase of excess blood, low feelings begin to rise in our mind-psyche, undesirable feelings like lust or spruha etc. also start coming home. And this is especially exacerbated in those who are unable to maintain self-control. Therefore we arrive at the result that the accumulation of excess blood and fat does not only harm the health of the body, but it also proves to be harmful for mental health. When the liver producing the blood, the components that purify it, the kidneys, spleen and lungs, etc., become weak then the body starts to become weak in the absence of pure blood. Because of this, low blood pressure starts showing its side effects. Experiences of constant fatigue, insomnia, nausea, vertigo, heavyness, weakness – these symptomskeep the body suffering in this state.

Yoga for Blood pressure:


Antagonistic posture or spontaneous antagonistic posture should be done in the morning for 3 minutes. Pawan Muktasana 4 times, Sahaja Pranayama for 2 minutes, dealing with toilet, tub bath should be done for 10 minutes. While bathing in the tub, Agnisar Dhauti number 1 should be repeated 8 times, number 2 twice. Tour Pranayama should also be done.

In afternoon

Take a tub-bath 30 minutes. Repeat the Agnisara-Dhauti number 1 8 times in the morning, at the time of tub-bath, the Sahaja Pranayama number 2, 3 and 4 should be done for 2 minutes each. Do spontaneous fire extinguisher 30 times.

Even in the evening

Tub bath should be done for 3 to 5 minutes. Excursion Pranayama Antiseptic or spontaneous antiseptics for 2 or 3 minutes to be done.

In case of low blood pressure, it is beneficial to follow the ideas mentioned in leprosy and acidity. If the blood pressure is 220 mm.If all the postures and postures should be discarded. Only Sahaja Pranayama, Excursion Pranayama, Sahaja Agnisara and Agnisara-dhoti should be done.

Rules and diet for Blood pressure:

When too much aggravation, rupture of the artery of the brain can lead to immediate death of the patient. Therefore, in this disease, the patient will have to keep strict control over lust or extreme anger etc. The method of drinking water should be followed carefully. Contemporary food, nutritionally, selective food such as eggs, meat, cheese, butter, ghee, sweets, etc. should be excluded completely until they are healthy. Rice and chapati can also be taken in small quantities. In this disease, the best food is alkaline. Vegetables, milk, fruits – these are alkaline foods, whether sour or sweet fruits, they dry up Milk, fruit – these are alkaline foods, sour or sweet fruits, whether they are dried or crown, both work as food and medicine in this disease. If there is too much fat in the body, then milk should be taken instead of milk containing all the elements. Do not forget to take extra salt in food, sugar food should be discarded completely.

It is natural that if fasting is maintained in blood pressure, there is a significant reduction in the disease and it can be even a few days. If there is a disease of high blood pressure, then fasting for one day in a week proves beneficial. If you can not fast every week, then Shukla Paksha Ekadashi Must be kept If there is more meat or fat in the body, any type of food should be discarded and only lemon water and plain water should be taken as per the requirement. But this experiment should be done according to the rules mentioned in the fast. Eat light meals when blood pressure is low. This should be done keeping in mind the orders mentioned in heart disease, such as milk and fruits etc. If the pressure is 170 mm If it stays above, then bath must be done thrice a day. If this bath and excursion pranayama is used, blood pressure will come down. But 170 mm Being the patient should bathe only twice at the place of three.

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