How to remove GALL STONE in just 10 days

Symptoms of GALL STONE pain:

Discomfort and pain in the stomach starts immediately after meals. You get some rest only after vomiting. When the disease becomes more chronic, there is anorexia in food. Abdominal pain also increases, there is dizziness in the head, vomiting and fever. At first, the pain appears around the gallbladder in the right side of the navel. But as the disease starts to grow, the stone also gets bigger and pain starts in the whole part of the stomach. This pain sometimes extends to the right shoulder.
When the stones of zigzag shape touch the gallbladder, a type of spasm occurs in the membrane of the gallbladder. The discomfort that occurs after the initial meal is the cause of this cramp.Whenever food enters the stomach, bile flows naturally. When it was obstructed by stone in the narrow path of flow Then the nerves and membranes try their best to remove this stone from the path.

This attempt is usually unsuccessful. This is detected by the restlessness of the patient. But if this stone either goes out of the way or goes into the pakasthali then the path of bile flow gets cleared and the patient gets rest.
In the beginning of the disease small pieces of stone are made from the gallbladder.They continue to come in the intestines. From where they pass through the stool. But when the disease attacks more vigorously and all the systems of the body are corrupted, then the local nerves and glands have to become more functional and as a result they are burdened more. Gradually, these stones stop coming out of the gallbladder and due to the combination of other contaminants, their shape starts to get bigger and they cannot get out of the way of the intestine. Ayurveda warns.

अश्मरी दारुणो व्याधिरंतकप्रतिमो मतः।

औषधे तरुणः साध्यः प्रवृद्धश्छेद महति ।।

Otherwise, the Ashmari (stone) of the ureter or bile corpus is a terrible disease similar to Yama, initially it can be treated with medicine, but it has to be surgically treated when the disease is chronic. In the ancient times, the practitioners of Ayurveda used to perform operations in this disease like modern surgeons. The operation of gall bladder is very dangerous and most of the patients also die during the operation. But it is a regular practice of yoga that in the initial stage, gallstones can be eliminated.

Reason for GALL STONE pain:

The description of how the bile originates in the liver is described in the case of Pand-disease. Not only does the bile originate from the liver, but also blood is produced and it is also purified. The liver sends the impure substances present in the blood to the bile-cell so that along with the bile, they also exit the body through the intestine. If the quantity of impure substances in the blood is high then germs of the disease are born and grow. These germs come in contact with bile and form stones with impure substances

Take the form. These stones grow progressively from the shape of sand grains to become eggs. These are Gall stone or Graveli in English It is called Hepatitis and in Ayurveda it is called Ashmari.

This disease, like other diseases, is the result of permanent constipation, acidity, indigestion, irregular or unbalanced food and excessive meat eating. Lazy women and men who are not laborious are the victims of it.Moderate, working women or men are never victims of this disease. This is the reason why this disease has never been heard in the workers and poor communities.This disease, like other diseases, is the result of permanent constipation, acidity, indigestion, irregular or unbalanced food and excessive meat eating. Lazy women of Dhanikvarga and men who are not audacious are the victims of this. Moderate, working women or men are never victims of this disease. This is the reason why this disease has never been heard in the workers and poor communities.

Yoga for GALL STONE pain:

Morning Vastriya bath with supplementary postures and postures, Varisara Dhoti, Sahaja Pranayam numbered 1,7,9 and Yatra Pranayama.

Evening excursions Pranayama, Shikhasana, Sahaja Abhishaar, Agnisara Dhoti No. 1, 2, Sarvangasana, Ustrasana, Sahaja Pranayama Numbers 1,7 and 9 respectively.

Follow the principles of drinking water and bathing strictly. If you feel pain, change the breathing from one nasal foramen to another. If there is an attack of disease in the empty stomach, then take any action, it will benefit immediately.

Rules and diet for GALL STONE pain:

As soon as the disease is known, quit eating fish, meat and eggs. If the pain is more known, drink plenty of water with lemon juice and fast. Continue this sequence until the pain is gone. Fast for half a day until 2-3 days after the pain subsides. During half-fast, take butter milk, buttermilk, vegetable juice and fruit juice. If there is more discomfort due to vomiting, keep a wet swatch on the stomach. Sprinkle cold water over it or you can also place a piece of ice on the pot. It is worth remembering that lemon juice has the potential to destroy the acid-toxin. Women clean the house on the day when food is not available at home; similarly, on the day of fasting, the main ingredients of the body get an opportunity to cure blood pressure; this is the reason why fasting is the main place in the medical world. Be careful in food even after fasting. If you are hungry in the morning, take juicy fruit, cooked or ripe vine syrup. In the morning of ordinary hunger,in the morning you can take 1 glass of water with lemon juice or 1-2 oranges, pineapples, grapes, Vedana, ripe mangoes etc. according to your interest. Lunch rice, bread, vegetable, buttermilk, lentil juice (water).

Do not use excessive oil, ghee or spices in food. Eat light food so that there is empty space in the stomach. If you feel hungry after noon, drink coconut water, some fruit, sugar syrup. Disease rules should be strictly followed.

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