How to control Headache in just 20 minutes

Causes of Headache:

There are many reasons for Shirodah. According to Ayurveda, some reasons are being mentioned

(1) Aphrodisiac: As a result of constipation, neither air can move freely from one place to another nor can the stool collected in the intestinal group. Well, it can only be discharged. Dirty gases continue to be produced from the collected contaminated sewage. This gas disturbs the air and makes the muscles weak by reaching the brain. These neural groups are eager for pure air. This is the name of Ayurvedic aphrodisiac due to the belief of Ayurveda.The cold climate at night stimulates the air located in the body’s functioning. Thus, the headache increases at night.

(2) Gall bladder diseases : Blood circulation as well as contaminated bile has an effect on the nervous group of the brain. In this condition, forehead, eyes, nose etc. start burning. This disease calms down at night due to pitta due to the cold of night.

 (3) Cough diseases: The heaviness of the head, nasal- slight itching due to its origin, irritation due to the nostrils of the face, nose or eyes are the symptoms of this type of sciatica.

(4) Tuberculous venereal disease: People who have Venus-related diseases such as metallicity, leucorrhoea, or who destroy ‘Venus’ from their dirty habits are unable to get proper nutrition of their brain. This lack sometimes appears in the form of headache. The patient is always weak because his brain does not get equal amount of Venus, so he becomes unconscious.

(5) Rheumatoid arthritis: In patients with Rheumatoid arthritis, when pure blood cannot reach the brain in sufficient amount due to any reason, it becomes a cause of the disease. Due to the gas produced as a result of contaminated stool collected in the stomach, stomach devices such as neural nerves, glands, etc. become dysfunctional. In this way, the blood remains busy in the lower part of the body and the brain does not get the proper amount in the proper time. Due to this lack of blood, there is a disease.

(6) Suryavarta Shirodh :This type of headache starts with sunrise, increases with the sun and decreases with sunset. If any muscle is ruptured due to high blood pressure, then there is severe pain in the side of the head and in the eyes, nose. It is called Hemicrania in English and Semi-distinct in Hindi. Crimea is a disease due to the presence of a large amount of worms in the body. Apart from this, there are many other types of headaches such as Anantwat, Sankhwat and Tridoshaj Shiroorog etc. Temporary pain occurs in the head due to tooth pain, increased appetite, leucorrhoea etc. But the root cause is – weakening of the thyroid gland, lack of blood, the presence of toxic substances in the blood or the poisoning of the blood itself.Toxic blood has a very high arc on the brain’s microscopic nerve.

Yoga for Headache:

Morning :Do all spontaneous gesture with all its complementary asanas and postures. After taking control and washing etc., take a half-bath as per rules. Sahaj Pranayam no. 1, 4,7; Excursion Pranayama. The above methods have temporary benefits. The root cause should be cleared in appropriate ways to eliminate the disease. For example, to cure Tuberculosis, diseases should be cured by partial impotence. Similarly, remedies written in acidity or indigestion should be used to remove gall bladder disease. It is important to have a trace of disease origin. If the practice of excursion pranayama or nasapana is done every morning, then all the diseases can go away.

Rules and diet for Headache:

Fasting is beneficial in all other types of body except tuberculosis diseases. Practice the rules of drinking water for cleaning the entire mechanical system. Often the passengers of the bus or rail are complaining that due to not having a single tea shop at the station, they can get tea. As a result, his head ached due to not getting tea on time. This is a sign that the liver of the traveler is bad and at the same time acidic, biliary colic and other similar troubles are going to come. Therefore, the habit of drinking tea should be left for its own good. Those who consume plenty of milk, if they consume 1-2 cups of tea, then there will be no special damage. Therefore, tea poison is similar for people who cannot consume milk.Eating betel leaf with excessive quantity of lime or betel nut produces a substance called Ptomain in the stomach and the liver has to do more work to destroy it. Still not able to succeed. This poisonous substance gets into the blood and reaches the brain and causes heaviness.

In this disease, the rules of bathing and watering should be followed carefully.

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    Pranayama is the best for headache…

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    Yoga is the best way for a healthy life, good thinking.


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