The intestinal clusters in our stomach are surrounded by the abdominal wall. If any part of the esophagus is delivered by distorted or contaminated air by pressing into a blank space, it is called intrusive or Hernia.
There are many holes in the lower abdominal wall. If any inner component comes out from any hole in it, it is called Iuguinal Hernia. Through these holes, many of the fleshy fibers of the testicles hang from the muscle parts. In women, the muscles of the uterus etc. pass through these holes. If the blood vessel in the thigh passes through, if part of the entrails pass through it, then according to Western medicine, it is called Femoral Hernia. Even in children, when it comes out of the holes in this way, it is called Umbilical Hernia.There are 3 distinctions each of the distinctions written above atrophy. If the enlarged part of the esophagus can be cured by pressing by hand or by pelvic veins, it is called Reducible Hernia. Strangulated Hernia is the most serious stage of atrophy. In this type of situation, the ejected part swells and gets entangled with the veins of the anus.

Reason of hernia

We inadvertently give fish, meat, eggs, rice and tea to our children. In this way we place more weight on the liver of children. By this, the liver weakens and produces constipation and distorts the apnea. Due to contaminated non-life, the other air of the body also gets contaminated and even the blood gets distorted. In this way, the entire system becomes guilty. In people whose stool is collected in the intestinal group, the pressure of the contaminated air is increased from any hole through the intestine. In this way, this enlarged second of the enteric group enters some part. This disease occurs due to irregular diet in children,adults or the elderly.Inguinal or Femoral type of endothelial disease, although suffering is a must, but it is not fatal. Many people enjoy the Yatav life, the strangulation of the Strangular caste is the most terrible. In this stage, the stool starts to vomit as the anus is closed. Operation is the only treatment in the advanced stage of this disease.

Yoga for hernia

Morning-Sahaja Vastriya (In this condition, only practice antithesis, yoga posture and Pawan Muktasana should be done. Perform ablution and washing activities. Take bath No. 1 or 2 for 10 minutes.)

Mid-day: bath no. 1 or 2 – 20 minutes

Evening :excursion Pranayama, Moolbandh, Ashwini mudra, Sarvangasana, Matsyasana, Sahaj Pranayama Each headstand[Srishasana] for 1, 4 and 8-two minutes. Practice gradually increases when the disease is under control. There is a modern device called Truss that helps the patient to perform simple tasks even in the condition of disease.

This causes little pressure on the enlarged hernia. There is a waist belt around the waist, both ends are soft padding. This only causes pressure. But this action does not cure. The remedy for this treatment is that the condition of the liver should be improved, there should be bowel movements, there should be good appetite and the air in the stomach should remain calm.

Rules and diet for hernia

The patient of this disease should never bear heavy weight. Working hard while cleaning the nose, coughing or having a bowel movement causes the hernia to come out. Take care of your food, never eat too much so that there is no pressure on the stomach. In this way, there will also be hunger. Do not drink too much water simultaneously, but drink again and again. If the disease seems to be increasing then fast. Lemon juice or orange juice drink with water during fasting. Follow the rules written in the case of acidity and indigestion.

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