How to control Corona Virus in just 15 days

This disease is similar as covid-19 because Serious symptoms of covid-19 are :difficulty breathing or shortness of breathchest pain or pressure loss of speech or movement .These all symptoms are similar to influenza.

Symptoms of Corona Virus:

The external symptoms of influenza or corona virus are similar to those of cold, but the disease is more common in this disease. In this disease, dry cough, pain in throat and lungs, mild fever, headache, swelling of tonsils etc. occur. It is not a dangerous disease. But sometimes it infects infectious diseases. In 1918, almost 100 million people died of infectious type of influenza soon after the start of the First World War. Similar damage was done in 1889–90. In fact influenza soon turns into pneumonia, pleurisy and meningitis etc. This disease is dangerous.

Reason of Corona Virus:

The main reason for the origin of this disease is – Weakness and weakening of airways. These are weak glands – thyroid, parathyroid, tonsils and respirator. According to Ayurveda, this fever is of Vata-mucus caste. First, the air becomes enraged and enfeats phlegm, which increases the effect of phlegm on the body and loss of appetite. Westernists have described the cause of this disease as a type of germ called Bacilii. Respiratory Influenza is called when the germ is engulfed by these germs and it soon turns into pneumonia, plussi and respiratory disease. If the arrangement of the patient is not done properly, blood starts flowing from the nose and mouth of the patient and the patient starts to drift (delirium). When the intestinal group is infested with this germ, it is called Gastro-intestinal Influenza. If you do not treat it, inflammation occurs in the stomach, intestines and kidneys. Inter-group flowers arise, there is diarrhea and the disease turns into pandu or typhoid.If the nervousness of the body is disturbed, then the temperature of fever remains high and usually the disease turns into Meningitis.

Treatment of Corona Virus:

Change the nasal mantra slightly for breathing in fever state. Do not inhale for more than the same foramen. In the case of fever, clean the stomach from any type of process. Take a bath. Practice Sahaja Pranayama numbers 1 and 7, 2-3 times a day. Practice pranayama in morning and evening properly. Practice gradual exercise for a healthy life.

Rules and diet for Corona Virus:

Stay in bed for 3 days after the attack of this disease. Fast. On the first day during fasting period, drinking lemon water mixed with ordinary hot water can be taken lightly on the second day. Drink water, fruit juice, etc. in light meals. This will greatly benefit the attack stage. Many other symptoms will be beneficial on the third day.Abandon any medicine in influenza, such as the influenza fatus that is prevalent nowadays. Sometimes, confusion arises due to suppressing the disease with potency. According to Ayurveda, complete relaxation, fasting and balanced diet are very beneficial.

देयमौषधम् नवमेऽहनि

That is, if there is no benefit in the above eight days, then there is some concern, then it should be diagnosed and medicine should be taken on the ninth day. The practice of compound remedies or excursion pranayama mentioned above will not cause any serious disease. Also, humans will be protected from influenza and other diseases.

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