How to remove Itches & Scabs problem in just 10 days

Symptoms of Itches:

Small rash appearing on the skin and itching simultaneously is a sign of this disease. It usually occurs between the fingers, on the wrist, on the abdomen, and on the feet. According to Ayurveda, their name is Kachchu. This type of disease is called Pama. In this stage the pimples are filled with pus. This keeps the pus flowing and does not cure it immediately.

Kachchu and Ghamachi (small pimples occurring during summer days) are more on the back. Gradually they increase and itching starts. Sometimes a fluid like water starts flowing from it and gets irritated. According to Ayurveda, its name is Pama.

Reason for Itches and Scabs:

Bile has a caste – bharajaka bile. If there is any kind of chaos or defect in it, then it cannot keep the skin of the body healthy. Tarapak mucosa also does not help in the work of keeping the skin healthy. In such a state, a special type of germ enters the body, increasing its number. The white corpuscles of our blood oppose them. In such a situation, these germs form their place of safety by creating boils on the outer skin out of the reach of the white granules of the blood.

This war of white granules and germs does not stop here either. Casualties on both sides start flowing in the form of pus or gluten.Although this disease occurs only on the leather, but the reason is to blame the instruments of the body. Its root causes are leprosy, unhealthy liver and spleen, contaminated blood etc. Individuals whose blood is contaminated often get rash or pama (eczema). Children who do not get enough food, obese people who eat more and suffer from constipation are affected by this disease. The reason is blood-defect.

 Treatment of Itches & Scabs:

Morning:Spontaneous Vasti Kriya with its complementary postures and postures, control and bathing; Sahaja Pranayama No. 2, 3,8; Uddiyana asana, excursion pranayama.

Evening : excursion Pranayama, Sahaja Agnisara 30 times, Shayan Paschimottan, Sahaja Pranayama No. 2, 3,8; Agnisar dhoti number 1, 10 times, number 2 4 times. Practicing Barisar Dhoti will bring miraculous benefits in a short time.

Practice gradual exercise. Follow the rules of sun bathing, watering and bathing completely.

Rules and diet for Itches & Scabs:

Pressing the Kachchhu using disinfectant ointment is a fatal practice. This is why quinine is used after the malaria fever subsides. It is the law of nature that whatever dirt or poison is spread in the body, it removes it through boils. Therefore, the use of ointments, etc. after they are completely removed, reduces the damage.

In such a state, one day of fasting in every week gives a lot of benefit. Lemon juice mixed water should be consumed in plenty during the fasting period. The amount of food should be reduced. Do not consume protein. Increase the use of milk along with fruits. By this, the alkali properties of blood will be permanent.

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