How to cure liver & spleen disease by yoga in just 20 days

According to Yogasastra, liver and spleen are fire-glands, but according to Ayurveda, these are the centers of ranjkagni ie pigment bile. The liquid form of digested food is transported by air to the liver and spleen, where it is purified and metamorphosed into blood. In this metamorphosis, the bile contributes to bile. The veins called the superior, infisior, bhankema and erota of the heart are connected to the liver and spleen. Through these veins, the liver and spleen carry blood to the heart from where blood spreads throughout the body. The blood is carried through the heart erota.

 The spleen hangs from the lower part of the heart to the left side of the chest. It is 4-5 inches long. Respiratory is the largest in the glands. The number of liver is second. The liver is usually 3 to 4 pounds. Health of liver, spleen and kidney is interdependent.Their works also complement each other. These glands help each other to resist disease. If one gothi becomes sick due to overwork, then due to overwork, the other gland also becomes sick. Study of diagnosis of diseases is very important.

Reason of liver & spleen disease:

The liver and spleen have two main functions – (1) formation of blood and (2) purification of it. Acidity in the blood increases due to inadvertence and indigestion of food. To accomplish this, both these glands have to do more work. When their efforts are not able to be functional in some area, then they become relaxed. This is known by the deterioration of the entire mechanical system of the body. The worm is produced internally and makes the body sick. As stated earlier, according to Ayurveda, they are called worms. The worms that grow inside are called the inner worms and those that come from outside are called external worms. The liver and spleen fight with the worm through the innumerable blood and white granules of the blood they make. In this war, casualties are collected in blood spleen and from there they reach the liver. The liver produces bile from these dead blood cells.The spleen wall absorbs many germs like malaria germs. The meaning of all this is – more work of the glands and consequently weakening and aggravating the disease.
Drugs like alcohol, tobacco and tea release toxins into the body. Due to this, these two glands have to do a lot of work and even destroy themselves. Similarly, intake of excess fat, spices and protein causes both these glands to deteriorate. As a result, the blood is not purified and the body is attacked by various diseases.

Yoga for liver & spleen:

Morning-spontaneous vestricia with complementary postures and postures. Control and wash, warisar dhoti, Sahaja Pranayam number 1, 3, 4 or excursion pranayama; Ardh Koormasan, Uddiyan Agnisar Dhauti No. 1.

Evening– excursions Pranayama, Agnisara No. 2, Shyanapashimottan, Halasana, Pawanmuktasana, Shikhasana, Sahaja Pranayama No. 1, 3, 4; Spontaneous Agnisar 30 times.

Follow the rules of increasing exercise, drinking water and bathing.

If the spleen is enlarged, do not practice any asana. First of all, its size should be smaller than Sahaja Pranayama, Agnisara and other postures – antagonistic, Sarvangasana.

Rules and diet for liver & spleen disease:

If the patient’s stool is black, then it should be understood that the liver is weak. It is not able to digest lard because of its inability to produce bile. The uncooked food collected in the esophagus is contaminated and converted into Ptomain. Therefore, do not give fatty food to a person suffering from liver disease. Both liver and spleen are weakened by intoxicating substances. People of tropical countries, do not consume eggs other than winter. Because the glands also have to do more work for its digestion. People of cold country also should not consume eggs regularly. Therefore, both the patient and the healthy person should not interrupt their liver and spleen with these extravagant food items and so-called medicines. Milk, buttermilk, ripe or sour sweet fruits remove the toxin produced by medicine. The fruits themselves are digested without the help of digestive juices.In this, this property is obtained from the rays of the sun. Therefore, fruits are considered the best diet in all types of diseases. Alkaline food material containing fruits, vegetables, milk, buttermilk, etc. is useful in this or any other type of diseases. Physical work should be done regularly according to the capacity of the individual. Follow the routine mentioned in the case of acidity and indigestion until it is not healthy.

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