How to remove fat in 15 days

Fat is essential for the body. Fat keeps the body temperature constant. If we did not have the throne of fat under our feet, then walking would have been a difficult task. In the same way, if there was no fat on the joints of our body, on the hips, then there would have been a lot of inconvenience in performing simple activities of life.

Symptoms of fatty body:

Unfortunately when hungry, voluntary fasting fulfills the need for food during fasting etc. – by burning oneself. Therefore, the nature of the body keeps on producing fattening continuously. But excess fattening in the body or its formation is also a disease.There is more beauty and charm in women than in men.

The reason for this is the greater quantity of fattening in women than men. Additionally, they require fattening during pregnancy or even during reproduction. Children born in the absence of fattening will be sick. Even after birth, their physical progress will not be able to be done properly, because their pregnancy could not be made well. In the system of the body, excessive amount of collected fat (fat) causes obstruction. Due to excessive fattening, the muscles of the body, heart, and ligaments do not work properly and as a result of this, heart disease, blood pressure and many diseases similar to it arise. Even obstruction in breathing and circulation starts to occur and the result is also sad.

Reason for fat :

According to Ayurveda, lack of physical exertion, sleeping during the day, high consumption of meat, high milk, carbohydrates, butter, ghee, sweets etc. increases fattening in large quantities and gets collected in the veins, muscles etc.

An obstruction is present in the work, due to which the chemical activities in the body stop and the digestive activities are not done as per the requirement. As a result of this aggregation of fattening, a person becomes lazy, fat and unfit for many tasks.Due to not being able to move properly in the stomach, the air becomes angry and hunger begins to occur in greater quantity. Fattening patients eat heavy food and they digest it well. But they are able to do it in the first half of life. When the fattening progresses in order, the micro-glands of the body are greatly affected as a result of more work of the digestive system and they stop functioning in a balanced manner.
Obesity is given by the parents at some places and at some places the individuals themselves are obese. 40 percent of the obese people inherit obesity and the remaining 60 percent of the obese people suffer from their habits. They do not care about the laws of health and diet.Intellectuals require less food than those who do manual labor. But they can bear the expenses. They regularly eat meat, fish, ghee, milk, butter and sweets etc. in plenty, but they do not do manual labor. As a result, fattening begins to accumulate in their half-life.

Maintains the internal secretion from the pituitary and thyroid glands, liver, spleen, etc. in a regular manner. Regular hunger is also the work of these glands. If the liver or spleen do not do their regular work, then the other glands related become more functional and later they become weak. Due to weak glands, the immunity of the body decreases and there is a fear of disease attack on the body. This is the reason that fat men do not have longevity and they are not able to remain healthy in their lives. Western medicine has strongly criticized obesity, saying, “1-1 lbs of excess body weight can reduce a human’s age by 1-1 months.”

Treatment of fat :

In the morning– do a simple gesture with all the postures and asanas. Drain and take a bath. Agnisar dhoti number 1 10 times, number 2 4 times. Practice excursion pranayama.

In the eveningMakarasana 4 times, Yogamudra 8 times, Janushirasana and Matsyasana for one minute, Shirshasana(head stand pose) for 3 minutes, Sahaja Pranayama number 1,2,4,8.Practice gradual exercise.

Rules and diet for fat body:

A person suffering from fattening disease should follow the rules of diet strictly. If you feel intense hunger in the morning then eat ripe fruits. Before this, mix 1-2 spoons of honey in a glass of water and drink it. If you do not get fruit in the morning, then drink only 1 cup of milk without sugar. That’s enough for the morning. Quit the habit of drinking tea.

If more is considered necessary then drink only 1 cup of tea in the morning.In lunch – eat rice, lentils (cooked), a lot of vegetables and some fish from the plate. If the age of the patient is more than fifty years, he should give up meat and fish.

Do not consume extra amount of ghee or butter. Take care that the patient’s food is not too oily, ghee or spicy. Eat buttermilk in lunch. Do not eat anything in the afternoon If the appetite is intense then only eat the fruit. Nocturnal food should be very light, such as 1-2 rotis with a vegetable, a cup of milk and some dry fruits. Soak dry fruits in water 1-2 hours before consuming them.
Fattening disease is a form of indigestion. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the rules written in the case of indigestion. Fast on the day of the 11th day of the lunar fortnight. Do not eat on every full moon at night. This will benefit a lot.

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