Para means support. In this disease, the permanent and wandering powers of the body become weak. The reasons for this are some kind of shock, lack of transmission power, etc. One part of the body can also be affected by this disease, or more parts can also be affected. Sometimes the whole body is affected. The affected limb slowly loses movement. It is a neurological disease. In this disease, the nerve becomes weak. The main control center of the body is the brain. It is protected from skull and bones from all four sides. This safe place has both intellect and mind. They control the body’s actions. The five elements of the body are also controlled by this.God has given us many organs and suffixes to keep the body movement proud. We have two hands, two legs, two eyes, two ears, etc. One eye, one nose, one respirator are unhealthy and others help us.

Our brain is also divided into two parts – left and right. Most of the work we do with the right hand. While the executive center of the brain is in the left half of the brain. Similarly, the control center of the left hand is located on the right side of the brain. If the left brain of the front brain is damaged due to any reason, then the right hand will lose its consciousness and function – even if the nerves and other fibers of the hand are healthy. This condition is also of the left hand. The same process is also for the eyes. The brain handles all the organs.We talk, watch, remember and work i.e. organs function as the brain directs.Even scripts of different languages ​​are preserved in different cells of the brain.

For example – if the closet of knowledge of English is damaged then it will destroy the ability to read and teach English, while the knowledge capacity of other languages ​​will remain intact. The cell located in the brain is actually the control center. Through which the body’s actions continue. Their color is brown. Western medicine calls them as brown colored substances. It is located in the upper part of the brain, in the inner part, the centers of ego gland and macro glands. These are subtle powers of intellect and mind. Because of their sickness, a person goes mad, because the concerned nerves that maintain contact with the mind and brain become dysfunctional. This is the reason why a crazy man, meaningless, the brain that directs the brain from organ to organ-specific, or the muscle that directs from organ to brain, which is called Efferent and Afferent Muscle, becomes consciousnessless.

When the capacity of the treasuries that control them is destroyed, those parts become unconscious. This is the reason that the direction received from the brain is not well followed. In short, the functions of body parts cease to function. This is paralysis.

Reason of Paralysis:

Air operates the nervous system of the body. Therefore, when the air becomes enraged and becomes contaminated, the nervous system becomes relaxed and unhealthy. Thus, according to Ayurveda, paralysis is a condition. The air is not so severely contaminated, unless the phlegm and bile are also contaminated. Therefore, paralysis is not just gout, but also Tridoshaj.

Bile is predominant in the body where the glands of fire are more powerful. Muscles are also able to do more work. These types of bodies are capable of consuming all kinds. People of this caste, who have self-restraint, are very agile and tireless workers and who lack self-restraint, they are not able to avail themselves of sex; Since work and anger are found together. Therefore, men of such nature are very irritable. The nerves and glands of the pelvic region become ignorant due to their excessive work ability and anger. As a result, due to leprosy, bile contamination, etc., the air becomes polluted. Paralysis of the legs is found only in those individuals who lack self-control and whose nature is of bile. Consumption of excessive fish, meat, eggs, onions, alcohol etc. increases the amount of acid in their blood. This disease also attacks by increasing acid in the blood. Paralysis attacks in the face, eyes or hands and legs due to chronic leprosy, defective bile or any other body Poison.

Yoga for Paralysis:

Morning: Drink water in the morning as written in the case of Sahaja Vastikriya. After that Sahaja headstand(Shirshasana), Sahaja contrasting 4 minutes, Sahaja Pranayam number 2, 3, 4, 8 each for 2 minutes. If the legs can move, then Ardha Shalabhasan 4 times, tub bath for 10 minutes. Take a half-bath for 5 minutes in place of a tub-bath.
Noon- Agnisar dhoti for 20-25 minutes and tub-bath.
Evening – tub-bath 5 minutes, Sahaja headrest 4 minutes; Any of the 4 types of Sahaja Pranayama for 2 minutes. If possible to walk, then practice morning and evening excursion pranayama.
 Follow the rules of increasing exercise, drinking water etc.

Rules and diet for Paralysis:

Fasting for 3 consecutive days as soon as this disease strikes. At the time of fasting, only consume plenty of water. On the first day of treatment, clean the infestation with the appropriate type of object. There is no need for any other type of practice during fasting. Sun-bathe the diseased part of the body, massage mustard oil or medicine cod liver oil daily for 15-20 minutes.

Do not use anything intense. In the paralysis, the massage should first be on the lower part of the body, followed by the massage of the upper limb. One thing to be remembered in particular is that unless the average of the acid content in the blood is excessive, there will be no paralysis. Therefore, remove this type of diseases from diet, remove the diet such as acidic food, such as meat, fish, bread, rice, ghee, oil etc. Increase the amount of alkaline substances in the diet to defeat this disease. Increase the amount of fruits, vegetables, vegetables, milk, buttermilk etc. in the food. Patients should not smoke And should not take tea at all.

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