How to cure Pneumonia in just 5 days

Symptoms of Pneumonia:

The patient starts breathing in the respiratory system- According to this belief of Ayurveda, the disease of the East-West is called pneumonia today. Pneumonia is of two types according to medical opinion- (1) Broncho Pneumonia and (2) Lobar Pneumonia. In the first type of pneumonia, the respiratory tract – which extends to the respiratory tract – is inflamed. As a result, inflammation also occurs in the fibers of the respirator located around that tube. Whereas in the second type of pneumonia, one or both respirators are completely affected. The common symptoms of this are- acute fever due to cold (103 ° to 105 °), pain in one part of the chest if the respirator is affected and pain on both sides if the respirator is affected. When both respirators are affected, it is called double pneumonia. Due to this disease, the sputum is very heavy, red-red. The face and hot blues start appearing. The body becomes very relaxed.

Reason of Pneumonia:

The bacteria of pneumonia is also found in healthy body. When the respiratory power is weak or any contaminants are collected in them, the body germs of pneumonia also attack the respirator in the form of typhoid or influenza. Blood purification occurs in four places in the body, such as liver, spleen, kidney and respiratory system. The most important device of blood purification is oxygen gas. When the amount of impure blood in the body increases, the vital organs of the body become suffocated and they have to work harder to keep the body functioning properly. The heart does not get pure blood from the respirator in time. In such a situation, the germs of the body get an opportunity to infect the mechanical system of the body.

Yoga for Pneumonia:

If fever occurs, drink as much hot water as per your stamina. The amount of water should be 10-12 ounces with a difference of 15-20 minutes. Warm water until it becomes cold to the patient. This will cause excessive sweating and some toxins in the body and the fever will come out. The patient should do Vasti Kriya No. 4 in the morning and evening, this will clear the organ group. If the patient has thin diarrhea, do spontaneous agnisar 15-20 times in the morning and evening fever. If healthy, the patient should do Sahaja Pranayama number 9 ,2 or 3 times in a day.

Let the patient recover when fever and pains are calmed. Gradually do incremental exercises and practice sun-bathing.

Rules and diet for Pneumonia:

Whenever the body temperature of the patient exceeds 103 °, either wash his head with cold water or place a bag of ice on his head and place a bag of ice on it. This action will reduce the temperature. Keep the windows and doors of the patient’s room open so that the purified air keeps coming. Take care that the patient does not feel a direct breeze. Roast the part of the body that is in pain for 5-7 minutes every hour. To roast, soak a piece of flannel in hot water and squeeze it in the place of pain until it remains hot. Once the cloth cools down, remove it. This will melt the phlegm and soothe the pain. Choking hot water.

In the initial stage of the disease, fast for 2 days continuously. During the fast, plain water (mixed with lemon juice) is sufficient to drink. Also, if the hunger does not start then continue fasting. As soon as you feel hungry, consume glucose water, barley water (including milk), pomegranate juice and other light substances. But nutrients must be consumed. Take special care in diet. If the digestion of the diet is not done properly then the difficulty may increase.

In this stage, doctors try to prevent fever by using garlic juice, basak (Adusa) leaf juice, iodine or quinine etc. If there is more pain in the body, it is also the custom to give streakinine and marfine. Alcohol is also used in the name of strengthening the heart. Anti phlogiston is used instead of hot frying and the patient is given injections of Serum. Whatever the cost of the above mentioned medicines, its effect on the disease is negligible.Because for this disease medicine is not practicable.Postoperative science also recognizes that following proper rules of proper service and the rule of health and diet is the only treatment for pneumonia.

The patient’s feet should always be kept warm. For this, a hot water bottle or rubber bag should be kept near the feet of the patient. The 8th day is crucial in pneumonia disease. Because on the same day, the symptoms of quick recovery of any fatal disease come to light. But fasting kept in the initial stage of the disease, careful diet, proper service and good health will not cause any anxious state. Health must be cured by means of the compound rules stated above.

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