Respiratory Diseases

Symptoms of Respiratory Diseases:

यदा स्रोतांसि संरुध्य मारुतः कफपूर्वकः | विष्वग् व्रजति संरुद्धस्तदा श्वासान् करोति सः।।

  If there is a lot of mucus coming out with the breath in this disease, then there is a possibility of obstruction in the breathing process in normal condition and when the blocked out breath gets mixed with mucus, then it uses force to make its external passage And, at that stage when she is not able to get it out, then she manifests breathing problems or exacerbates the disease of dhivasasana (asphyxia), the air we ingest goes through the throat. She then enters the lungs through the narrow respiratory cells. These narrow respiratory cells are actually the root cause of the disease. When there is a phlegm infection, breathing is not comfortable, a problem starts in breathing and there is a palpitations or cramps in the chest. Although there is no fear of death-like condition from this disease, it is still a very painful disease. Often the attack of this disease occurs in the second and third stroke of the night. And when the patient wakes up, it starts hurting him more And more.

Reason of Respiratory Diseases:

All the elements in the body help all the nerves, the dream fulfills its function. When the muscles that conduct the lungs become weak, the narrow ducts of the respiratory chamber are not able to dilate as required and remain in a narrow state. The result is that the patient feels a lot of obstruction in breathing by this contracted tube. Therefore, understand this in a simple sense that if the yogi is getting a sense of mental debility then he often becomes helpful in this disease pot. But understand this also, until the lungs become completely disabled or their sprained muscles are not healthy, then the respirator is not ready to accept malaise like a constriction of the vasculature. According to Yoga-Shastra, breathing disease arises from the weakness of the air glands.It has already been told that the lungs of air glands are established etc. The weakness of sky and fire-glands also helps in manifesting this disease.The result is that our breathing starts happening very quickly and at that stage, this soon-to-be inhaled breath starts failing to completely remove impurities like carbon dioxide from the lungs.

In this form, the accumulation of toxic gases starts in the lungs and they not only give birth to disease-germs, they also nourish them. Due to the weakening of the fire glands, leprosy and digestion of food starts. As a result, waste matter inside the body gets corrupted and is used to poison the blood. How this toxic blood creates an imbalance in the functioning of the muscles, etc. We have discussed in detail in leprosy, feces, jaundice, stomach pain etc. In such a state we can easily understand how far it is helpful in revealing the weakness of the fire glands. Their weakness also reduces hunger and causes a lot of defects in our digestive Power.

Yoga for Respiratory Diseases:

Asanas and mudras should be done in the morning with easy Vasti Kriya. Do the Sahaja Pranayama numerals 1, 2, 3 and 4, do Agnisara Dhauti numbers 1 and 2. Vaman-dhoti should be done for two days in a week or in addition to warisar dhoti, pranayama. Sahaja Pranayam Sankhya 2, 3 and 7 every 3 minutes in the afternoon.

In addition to the evening congregation and antitransitive action, Sahaj Pranayam should be numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4. In rugs, Paschimottan, Uddiyana yoga posture, excursion-pranayama are excellent. Depending on the patient’s condition, when some improvement starts, some exercise should be increased more. In this disease, the practice of sun bathing, water-bathing and drinking a lot of water results in good results.

Rules and diet for Respiratory Diseases:

On the day of the attack of the disease, the day should be foodless. Light lemon juice can be taken in lukewarm water. Diet should be avoided with cold water. If there is no control over the spasms or painful condition of this disease due to one day’s fast, then on the next day, it should be kept fast. Certainly, this will give a lot of relief to the patient and there will be a relief in the chest blower. However, when there is no complete improvement in the disease, then the rule of fasting should be made for half a day on the third day and cautiously follow the rules of fasting in that state.

On the day that half a day remains unharmed, on that day, instead of rice and roti, vegetable juice should be taken, once heated goat milk is beneficial. But if it is not accessible, cow’s milk can be taken or milk extracted from raw coconut is also very beneficial.Pineapple, papaya, grapefruit, lemon, orange, Kissamis(dry fruits), almond etc. should be included in the diet. Keep in mind that dry fruits should be soaked in water. At night, only half a goat’s milk can be taken or if it is not accessible then raw coconut milk or cow’s milk can be taken. It should be believed that by staying fast and keeping a fast for half a day if required, you will see a lot of progress in disease-mitigation.

When you get some victory over the disease, then even after that, you should not give up food-restraint altogether. After that, a lot of control should be placed on the food that is served. It may be that eating small amounts of food several times a day, but it is not appropriate to eat large amounts of food at once. Breakfast should not be eaten in any condition after 8 o’clock. With this, breakfast should be taken so that it becomes open and hungry at lunch time. We have said this above that when there is a decrease in appetite or starts having constipation and there is a loss of physical strength in the body, then it is natural that diseases like asthma can emerge on their strength.Therefore, it is our religion that once we get control over the disease, food should be taken in the same amount and in such a manner that indigestion, constipation or lack of appetite do not recur. Therefore, it would be very good to be cautious that three fourth elements in the patient’s food should be alkaline and not acidic.

All types of vegetables, milk, buttermilk, greens and dry fruits are often alkaline foods. Rice, fish, meat, egg etc. are acidic food. It should also be kept in mind that ghee, oil and spicy spicy food should be kept completely in the food of asthma patient. A small amount of ginger, raw turmeric, black pepper, oil and ghee can be taken in food in very small portions.Those who have great difficulty in leaving fish and meat, such patients can take the juice of these things from time to time, but these juices should also contain a mixture of vegetables and vegetables. Complete exclusion of meat, poultry as well as dead dried fishes. While sleeping at night, the patient must take at least half a cup of milk.But in breathing disease, alcohol or stimulants like tobacco, bidi, cigarettes, drugs and excessive amounts of betel leaf, etc. should be kept completely intact. Only by avoiding them can there be some hope of their permanent benefit. Those who can drink 3 pav or one serving of milk in a day can also drink a cup of tea in the morning if they want. It should be noted that for those who cannot drink milk, or do not consume milk regularly, tea proves to be like poison. Therefore, keeping in mind all these facts, one should start getting rid of tea addiction. There should be a complete boycott of fried ingredients like ghee, kachori, nimki, sandesh, rasgulla, laddus etc. in ghee. These things can also have a negative effect on healthy human beings. In this condition, to the extent that a person suffering from a disease like anxiety, can be helpful in the recovery, it can be easily considered.Tours like pranayama and sun bath are considered beneficial tools in the treatment of respiratory disease. In such a condition, wearing clothes in a smooth manner should travel for a long time in the open air.

This walk is beneficial both in the morning and in the evening. Before walking, one must wear a cap above the head and ears should be covered properly, so that caution is maintained. A place to visit should be a secluded place other than a dusty road or a smoke-filled environment, where a tour can actually provide healthy, clean, cool and healthy air to the respiratory patient.It is equally an insistence of yogis that in spite of not worrying about all their suffering, even difficult experiments like clothing, dhoti, vamnadhoti and sth-vasti must be done with a view to getting the best results. Because the root cause of breathing disease is the weakness of the air glands. Therefore, due to painstaking experiments, gastric etc. are not only defiled, but also the communication of good health starts in them. This internal purification paves the entire path in the treatment of the disease.
 With all the empirical experiments, we reach the decision that the people who have followed the diet, diet and exercise etc. mentioned in the above manner regularly according to our instructions have achieved full benefits. We believe that other patients will also benefit from this method. The boon of yoga is not only to give new life to the patients of this disease, but also to assure them for a long life.

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