Control the Tooth Troubles & pain in just 7 days

Symptoms of Tooth pain:

According to Ayurveda, there are 16 types of dental disease. Occasionally, bleeding from the gums, black teeth and worm in the teeth is called scurvy dental disease. Cold food or drink aggravates the disease in this type of disease. The swelling of the gums is called tooth-borne disease. Pyorrhea has been named by Ayurveda as dental disease.

There is a connection between the general health of teeth and body. Clean and beautiful teeth indicate good health, while dirty and crooked teeth are signs of sick health. Brightness of teeth ends due to poor health. By looking at the color of the teeth, it can be told which gland of the body is bad because there is a dense contact of the teeth with health. The infants born to the sick mother have a guilty tooth. A child who has not been properly nourished in the womb has a bad tooth during or before puberty. The veins holding the teeth begin to meditate.They need pure blood to stay healthy. This is the pain of the teeth. Due to the irregularity of life or food, liver disease occurs and the bile is not able to produce the proper amount in this way, thus the digestive system gets spoiled resulting in indigestion, diarrhea or constipation or even gout disease. As a result of these diseases, blood gets contaminated and poisonous diseases like pyorrhea are produced. Due to excessive sexual intercourse, blood becomes weak and this also causes pyorrhea. Thus, the recovery of pyorrhea due to poor liver and weak blood becomes uncertain. Excess of sexual desire has more effect on men. This is the reason why pyorrhea is found more in men than women. (See episode of Pyrrhea).

 Yoga for Tooth pain:

Whenever there is pain in the teeth, do head circumference for 4-5 minutes, due to which the food reaches the blood ie pure blood. Also, the white granules of blood resistant to disease will reach there and destroy germs.If there is difficulty in doing headstand, then do smooth headstand(shirshasan). Headstand(shirshasan) is definitely a benefit during tooth pain.After that make garret with cold water.

If there is a fear of any action from cold water, keep the water on the tongue for some time, this will make the water somewhat warm and the teeth will bear. Repeat this action until you are completely relaxed.

If the pain of the teeth is intense and even smooth headstand can not be done, then do several times, it will also benefit. If cold water is not tolerable, then add warm water and make a coolie. Warm water does not provide relief in pain while cold water is beneficial. The only treatment for dentistry is head circumference.

Rules and diet for Tooth pain:

Modern medical science has attributed the absence of calcium to the cause of tooth disease. With good type of food, calcium is born in our digestive system and continues to reach every part of the body with the flow of blood. If the digestion itself is defective, then more amount of acid will be produced, which will contaminate the blood and destroy all these important alkali substances.

Therefore, celibacy and healthy propagation system is most essential for strong and strong teeth.Each part of the teeth should be clean. Must make kulle(clean teeth with water) after meals. Residents of cold-country countries should also perform poultry after meals just like the residents of warm-headed countries. They may use hot water in place of cold water. At the time of meal, parts of bread etc. remain in the middle of the teeth and after contaminating, germs are formed. Thus, if one tooth becomes defective, then other teeth surrounding it may also become defective. Like some rotten fruits of the basket rotten all the fruits. Gradually, the teeth separate from the gums and germs, pus, etc. settle there. Which along with blood reaches the tonsils, thyroid and respirator. Influenza and pneumonia are easily surrounded by those who have dental diseases. Care and cleanliness of teeth and gums should be maintained. Should be crushed with straws if needed. At night, at the time of sleeping, it should be done in the morning.

Children up to the age of 12 years are headless. If they get a tooth disease, then drink more milk. Put down the practice of doing coolies. Have the dogs morning and evening using water or a nail. This will ease the discomfort. Practice simple postures and pranayama. Beware of indigestion. Fast to remove indigestion Calcium is less in meat, fish etc. Milk and vegetables are high in calcium. Therefore, this type of patients should keep this in mind while choosing food. If the above rules are followed well then the teeth will be healthy for life.

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