TYPHOID treatment by yoga

According to Ayurveda, typhoid is a type of typhus. The fever in which the possibility of unconsciousness or death is occurring is called typhus. According to the variation of symptoms, Ayurvedicists have described 13 types of typhoid fever; Such as Shetong, Antak, Baalap, Raktishik, Abhinayas, Chitta Vibhram etc. In the name of typhus fever, this fever is now known only in India. Typhoid fever is also called typhoid while doing Western medicine.

Symptoms of TYPHOID:

1-2 weeks before the onset of this type of fever, symptoms of loss of appetite, sometimes headache, pain in the hands and feet, burning sensation in the stomach, lethargy and cold effects etc. Huh. The spleen also becomes very large at the onset of this disease; There is a type of irritation in the mucous membrane of the intestines (Mucous Membrane). Initially, the liver, urinary gland, and heart remain quite functional.Modern medical practitioners fail to tell what kind of fever it is for 7 days after the infection. After 7 days, it is decided by chemical tests that it is typhoid, even before 11 days, even without a full knowledge (Widal test), it is not possible to decide that this fever is typhoid, taking care of the life and suffering of the patient. Keeping this time of 11 days is priceless. On the contrary, according to Ayurveda, the nature of fever can be understood immediately. How long will the fever last, what will be the result of this fever, etc. By looking at the speed of the pulse of the patient through pulse science, it can be said on the first day that this fever will result in typhoid. In typhoid, the pulse is very fast. Just as in the sea one raises high, one low waves, similarly in this fever stage one speed of pulse is very fast and other is slow. This abnormality of the pulse disappears when the fever subsides. In this way, with the speed of pulse, Ayurveda can give full details About this fever and its future.

First week:

The fever of the patient remains low in the morning and increases by about 2 degrees in the evening. There is always a difference of 2 degrees between the maximum and the lowest temperature. In the initial state, there is often some growth every day.Ayurveda has divided the typhoid into two separate parts – first are the symptoms of vata pitta and second pitta aphrodisiac – nausea, vomiting, nosebleeds, bleeding from the anus due to wound in the intestines, Face yellow, etc. A cold occurs in Pittashlashmic fever. In this state, being careful of diet or service, it takes the form of pneumonia and the patient dies. In this type of fever, on the sixth or seventh day, a small type of phusia emerges on the stomach and chest, which remains after 4-5 days.

Second week:

All the symptoms and fever temperature rise in this week. Evening fever can reach 105 degrees or even more. But the difference between maximum and lowest fever is always 2 degree. At the time of fever rising, delirium or fainting, stomach upset and diarrhea etc. begin. The stool is usually foamy and green in color. The gems are red, dry and shiny. Some sony also have bleeding from nose or anus at the same time. In bile-type typhoid, the patient also suffers from cold and cough.

Third week:

If the fever is not of any pernicious form, the temperature and symptoms of fever begin to decrease in the middle or end of third week. Otherwise, the fever remains the same as in the second week. As it is seen over a long period of time – due to lack of dietary service and wrong treatment, the disease becomes even more terrible and ends after staying for 6-7 weeks. Eradication of diarrhea, gradual loss in morning and evening fever, feeling of hunger, clearing of the tongue and strength in the body respectively are auspicious symptoms. If diarrhea occurs on the ninth day due to fever and the temperature of evening fever does not exceed 105 °, it should be understood that the condition of the disease is out of danger. Provided that it is carefully kept and maintained with care.
Symptoms of fever exceeding degee 105, sometimes fainting, diarrhea or excessive bleeding, stool urine in the patient’s non-bed, impaired heart, hand cramps, etc. are an indicator of danger.

Reason of TYPHOID:

According to the Yoga principle, the air glands (eg, the heart,Respiratory weakness) are the underlying causes of this disease. Disorders in vyom and fire gland are the secondary causes of this disease. According to Ayurveda, typhoid occurs due to contaminated bile and phlegm. According to Western practitioners, typhoid is a fever that is caused by a type of germ that enters the body through dirty water, milk or food. Yoga theory and Ayurveda do not give priority to the principle of infection of germs. They say the same with the claim that if the nature of human body is strong, then any type of germ cannot present any danger in any way.Theories based on the new discovery in the West have supported the idea of ​​Ayurveda and Yoga. According to Ayurveda and Yoga, the main cause of typhoid is – contaminated feces collected in the body, which helps germs to grow and grow. The basis of this theory is that it has been proved by experiments that germs of typhoid and tuberculosis are present in healthy body also. But until the internal filth of the body does not help them, they live with impunity.

Yoga for TYPHOID:

Nowadays, many such diseases are seen which are not real typhoid, but there are many symptoms of typhoid. Whether it is typhoid or not is a matter of research by doctors. In the absence of its dependent medical compound practitioners, it is not advisable to do it only with the help of the gland. For this reason, treatment has not been given.

Rules and diet for TYPHOID:

We reiterate that non-adherence to the law of diet leads to prolonged illness and even death sometimes. That is why we think it appropriate to pay more attention to the laws of diet. That is why fasting should be kept for two days at the beginning of phase. Lemon juice should be drunk in ordinary warm water during fasting. Doing so will cause hunger. If hunger does not start with this action, then fast for two more days with this action. When hungry, eat only ripe fruit juice or coconut water. If hunger starts to get more, then take diet 3 times a day. Diet may be taken 1 time after sunset. Take only this diet in the first week of fever.In the second week, fasting of the first week results in suppression of the disease and the symptoms are also weakened earlier. Agna and diarrhea are eliminated as a result of Agnisara. Makes hunger strong. In this condition, mixing equal quantity of milk with two and a half pav water twice a day can be given and warmed a little. By doing this way, there is no fear of any kind of disturbance in the actions of the stomach. Otherwise keep the juice of lemon juice mixed with lemon juice and keep on drinking hot water.Fever is expected to decrease in the third week. Nevertheless, considerable care should be taken in the case of diet. Because simple precautions can result in recurrence of the disease in the fourth week. We have bitter experience in this subject. Therefore, in this week, give water, milk and fruit juice to the patient.

Also, keep in mind that there is no dirty layer on the patient’s gem. Until the tongue is clear and the pulse speed is not correct, take special care on diet. If there is any kind of interference, then reduce the amount of diet. Keep the patient half hungry. If the condition of the patient remains on improvement in the fourth week, that is, if the system of stomach, feces and fever is under control, then shefalika leaves should be given dietary vegetable juice, lentil lentils and water mixed milk. Two weeks after the fever subsides, it should be given.In the case of typhoid, diet and patient wellbeing are the main ones. If the fever has reached 104 or 105 degree , then the horse’s head can be reduced by cold water so that the amount of fever is reduced.

Although there is an immediate benefit from the ice bag, do not use it because it sometimes causes a condition of pneumonia. If bleeding starts from the nose of the patient, then the patient can give pieces of ice to suck. Two beds should always be kept ready for the patient. A bed should be replaced as soon as it is damaged. In the afternoon, close the windows and doors of the patient’s room and wash the patient’s head with cold water. Ask to change sides at 2-2 hours. Typhoid occurs horrendously in India. Possible reasons for this are poverty, non-knowledge of the subject of disease, climate and weak biographical power of the body. Like the disease, the amount spent on its treatment will be quite large, because innumerable families prefer expensive modern medicine only because of their blindness. This disease takes the sacrifice of millions of people every year.

We say with the claim that Sahaja Pranayama excursion to stop typhoid is pranayama avyarth. Those who do not believe in these actions also get surprised. If the children and youth of this country practice these pranayama, then the power of successful resistance to typhoid, pneumonia, cold, phlegm and many other diseases will be born in their body. As a result of this power, this disease will be eradicated from this country. Therefore, all the guardians of the family, social workers, prominent persons of government and institutions should consider this subject fully.

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