Cure the Visual Impairment or eyesight weekness by yoga in just 30 days

Symptoms of eyesight weekness:

Here we are considering the reasons for the illumination of the eyes and its treatment etc. Reduction of the eye-light is one of the 78 types of eye diseases according to Ayurveda. In this episode, we will throw light on only those two eye diseases that will come from its context. Sadosh Eye-light is usually of two types. The first drawback is that the nearest objects appear clear, but the distant objects appear unclear or blurred. The second type of defect is clearly opposite or distant, but the nearest objects are less visible. According to Western medicine, the first defect is called myopia, the second type of defect is myopia and the second type is called hyper-metropia.

Reason of eyesight weekness:

We only enjoy the pleasure of the visible and interesting things of the world. As easily as we see the eye, the mechanical system of the eye is as complex as the complete information we want to get in relation to the eye, created by Trideva i.e. Air, Fire and Water who are the creators of our body and creation. The mechanical functioning of the eye worsens. (In this regard, we have written all the Yogas in other places) The main center of the actions of Agnidev(the god of fire ) is the Pancreas. A kind of introverted juice flows continuously from the walls of the sun gland, which has a major hand in digesting our food. With the help of this juice, the liver also collects sugar. While the sun gland helps in the digestion of food and liver functions, the parts of the eye called cornea and retina are used to imprint, shape and reflect the subject seen. Provides strength.The part between the cornea and the retina remains wet and shiny with the juicy material flowing continuously from the gland controlled by Varuna. For example, the lacrimal glands of our eye wash to keep the eye clean and clean. The control of air keeps the living nerve of the eye and other parts such as cornea, iris and retina always functioning. According to Ayurveda, the gall bladder has full responsibility for the photographic power of the iris, cornea and axillary retina. Tarpaka mucus carries fluid to all places. Vata, bile and cough get irritated, the Tarpaka mucosa gets contaminated. Otherwise it is also possible that when fire, air and eye diseases are necessary.

The protruding air becomes dry and dries the fluid called tarapac mucosa. Drying of the first surface of the eye from outside has a simple effect on the light of the eye. But if the second or third surface also dries, then the viewing power is reduced drastically. When the inner surface of the eye becomes dry, that is, the power of the eye is completely degraded when the fourth surface becomes dry and all the objects start to appear blurred.

Due to simple diseases of the body, the function of the liver is not maintained. As a result, fire and pitta become enraged and critics pollute the bile. This unclean critic reduces the physical strength of the eyes by making the nerves of the gall eye sick. As a result, there is a cataract in the eyes. Fire control is more on the eyes. That is why it is also called Agnisthan. This is the reason that due to the defect of Vata or Kapha which causes damage to the eye, due to the contamination of Agni or Pitta, manifold loss is greater. A type of subtle juice produced from the liver greatly helps in the formation of the critical bile. Therefore, the patient with unhealthy liver also has sick eyes. We will not be able to find any such category on earth whose liver is suffering from eye disease if it is healthy. If there is any defect in the eye due to any other external reason and the liver is healthy, then the correction of the defect of the eyes is sure soon.

If only the mucosa is defective in the body, the main mucus of the mucosa causes mucus to form, night blindness or unjust painful eye diseases.

Due to excessive devotion, the sex glands remain in a very excited state and quickly become void of knowledge. As a result of this, nervousness is achieved. Due to neurotomy, the eyes do not get the help of the critical bile and tarry mucus in the right amount. Sivasati gland (Pituitary) wants to fulfill the lack of sex glands as soon as possible. If this sequence continues for a long time, then there is a defect in the mucous glands and they become a little bigger. Just below these glands is the center of the nerves related to the eye, through which we receive the image of the shape. Due to the growth of mucous glands, there is a slight shrinkage in these nerves and there is pressure on them. Due to this, there is an obstacle in receiving the image. Thus, weakened venereal disease is also one of the reasons for low eye-light. Due to liver defect, waste of semen and malignancy of air, when all three are lacking in the power of the eyes, the treatment is often unsuccessful.For example, a disease called Glaucoma.

During sexual intercourse, the amount of female’s ova is much less than the quantity of semen of men. Apart from this, the deficiency due to semen secretion is met in considerable quantity. This is why eye diseases are less in women. Among them too, more work is allowed in married state or secret adultery among unmarried people – there are indirect reasons for low eye power.

The subject of eye diseases caused by the body’s defect system or irregularity of dieting has been highlighted above. Apart from this, such as smoke or dust penetrating into the eyes, studying small numbers of letters or doing fine work for a long time in more or less light, watching movies, etc. are some of the reasons that cause pressure on the eyes. In middle age, that is, around the age of forty, due to changes in our internal components, eye power is also affected.

Yogis, who are meditating for hours and who are interviewed by natural illusions with infinite light through the psyche, give them a clear vision, but their eyesight becomes somewhat weak. Even Ayurveda teacher, who was also a sage, experienced this type. He has called it “infinite cause”.

सुरर्षिगंधवमहोरगाणां संदर्शनेनापि च भास्करस्य हन्येत दृष्टिर्मनुजस्य यस्य स लिंगनाशस्त्वनिमित्तसंज्ञः। तत्राक्षिविस्पष्टमिवावभाति वैदूर्यवर्णा विमला च दृष्टिः विदीर्यते सीदति हीयते वा नृणामभिघातहता तु दृष्टिः ।।

Often, distant objects appear unclear and nearby objects appear clear due to defects of the glands like the liver. While nearby objects appear to be obscured, there are non-functional glands. That is, with glasses having Minus Power, we should understand that our liver is guilty and due to plus power, the common weakness due to our sexual glands.

Yoga for eyesight weekness:

Follow the treatment written under Partial Impotency for permanent vision defect due to semen decay. For the treatment of defects caused by diseased liver etc., benefit from the treatment described under Kamala disease or liver-spleen disease. Those who have eye-disease due to neurotransmitter can achieve neurosis by the measures described for neurotransmitter.
Those who have incited burns or eyes to burn, add very small amount of salt in a cold water and filter the water. Opening and closing the eyes again and again, by soaking the eyes in that alkaline water. In this way, practice opening and closing 4-5 times,It will Cure the diseases.

Rules and diet for eyesight weekness:

If the following methods are adopted during subtle work or intensive study, then the eyes will not be harmed. Keep your eyes open in your natural state. Blink for 2-4 seconds after every 3-4 minutes. It provides great relief to the eyes. This practice benefits greatly when studying deeply or watching cinema. The eyes of children in school or college are deteriorated due to lack of liver function. Therefore, both eyes and liver should be maintained in such condition.Do not take any medicine for the purpose of celibacy or for sexual arousal whose effect is initially stimulating but in the end generates strength in the nerves and glands. Consumption of this type of medicine causes nervous debility and destroys the eye light.

Eye patients should wake up in the morning. Watch the rising sun for 4-5 minutes. Do not look towards the sun for 5-6 minutes around 8 or 9 o’clock, in such a way that the eyes can get sunlight. After that you go into the shade. Place palm over closed eyes. In this way, doing 1-2 minutes provides relief to the eyes. Fill your mouth with some cold water and bounce cold water over your eyes so that the eyes get washed properly. Repeating this action 15-20 times is good for the eyes. Do this activity at bedtime at night. Likewise when you wash your hands and mouth, repeat this action.

The working person destroy large amounts of semen. As a result, his general health remains weak. There is a special effect of semen destruction on the eyes. Individuals whose liver is healthy can eat 1-2 50gm ghee or butter while eating lack of semen. Do not use ghee or butter if the liver is defective. Otherwise, soak almonds or peanuts of any caste in water thoroughly.

In this state, milk also helps a lot. If you are unable to digest milk, then take curd. Two-thirds of the food must be alkaline. Vegetables, milk, fruits are alkaline foods. Rice, bread, fish, eggs and meat have high acid content.

The use of spectacles has become a widespread fashion. This fashion is quite popular among teenagers and other youth in school and college. This is a serious warning of the deterioration of our ethnic health. This is a question for health officials and parents of such children. According to Ayurveda, do not let children below five years of age eat fish. Do not consume infatuated food items like ghee, butter, eggs, meat or sweets (made of chisel or ghee) to a child of nine years of age. This is the best way to keep the liver healthy and efficient. A deficiency or other serious disease arises due to impaired or guilty liver.

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