Excursion Pranayama

Excursion Pranayama is our personal invention. Its benefits are miraculous. Get out of the house to roam in the morning and evening choosing smoke or dust-free paths. Women or persons unable to get out of the house can practice it by walking somewhere in an open space, veranda or terrace. While walking, your body should remain upright, inhale slowly by counting the number. After exhaling full, exhale the breath likewise by counting the number in the mind. So that the stomach becomes empty from breathing. While inhaling, count to 1, 2, 3, 4 and while exhaling count to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Initially, the patient or weak person can keep these numbers equal. After practicing for a week all their obstacles will be removed and they too will be able to do as mentioned above.

Instead of counting numbers, people of religious views can also chant the Pranava mantra ‘7’. In this way, the process of exhalation and eclipse increase from 6 to 8 steps respectively. Practice this activity for a few weeks, after this, take 8 to 12 steps and in the final form take 12 to 18 steps. This is the remaining limit.

After practicing this action properly, you do not need to count the number. Take a tour to the best of your ability with just breathing. In this way, after practicing continuously for 2-3 years, you should always practice the practice of walking pranayama continuously while walking.But do not try to increase your breath more than your capacity or simultaneously. Its success depends on slow but regular practice.

The same principle applies to other postures etc. In particular, keep in mind that you do not feel any beating in your breath. Otherwise, practice this action again by breathing normally 2-3 times. Initially practice for 2 minutes for a few weeks. Practice 2 minutes in the beginning of the tour, 2 minutes in the middle of the tour and 2 minutes at the end of the tour. That is, you should practice this activity for only 6 minutes in a half-hour trip. After getting success in it, increase the practice by 3×3=9 minutes. When you can do 3×3 minutes of practice, then practice for 4×3 minutes and similarly increase this practice to the best of your ability. The success of this activity is all related to your respiratory capacity. Never use yoga in a hurry.

Which yoga is useful for corona virus ?

Uses of Pranayama : All the qualities of ordinary pranayama are also in excursion pranayama. By this practice, the organs protecting the body, heart and respirator etc. are strong, blood is purified and weakness is removed. If this pranayama is practiced daily for half an hour easily, then diseases like tuberculosis, pleurisy, breathing, typhoid and influenza also cannot attack the body. pranayama is also so useful for Corona virus.and also avoid the bacteria and harmful diseases which are transmitted in the body of weak people. Excursion Pranayama is very useful for older women or men.

Is Pranayama useful for acidity or food poisoning ?

Those who are dissatisfied with these Yogasanas will be benefited if they practice excursion pranayama for a few days in the open air in the morning and evening. With this, if proper control is placed on food, then the body will be definitely protected from all kinds of diseases. The attack of a disease is far away, even those who practice this pranayama cannot get diseases.

Breathing and exhalation should be gradual and the duration of practice should also be increased with caution. Individual ability should be taken special care while increasing practice. During the practice of this pranayama or any other pranayama, if there is a slight pain on the left side of the chest, then it should be understood that the practice is exceeding capacity. In such a situation, its practice should be started only after resting for a few days.Children studying in school for resistance to tuberculosis CG Vaccination has been made mandatory. The losses resulting from this drug are described elsewhere. Nowadays, a lot of news in this subject is also being published in newspapers. It is necessary to state here that B.B. C. G. The vaccine neither removes tuberculosis nor recovers the lost health of human beings. If we want to build the health of children in this country, then the practice of compound exercises, postures and pranayama etc. is necessary. It is good news that many universities in the US have made compound practice compulsory for students for a few years. If only touring pranayama is practiced, tuberculosis will not be able to attack the practitioner. If we want to drive Rajayakshma away from India, then Pranayama is a sure way. This practice can be done without spending much time. It can even be done on the way to work.


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