Goitre : symptoms, Reason, yoga , treatment, rules and diet .

Symptoms of goitre : As mentioned earlier, Thyroid is prominent in the group of moisture glands. The rises of this this gland or grows in size is called gulagand (esophagus). There is no specific problem in this disease. But when the size of thyroid gland increases significantly, there is some obstruction in breathing. This happens in a simple type of gulag. In severe state, the throat also affects the eyes. Like the thyroid gland, the shape of the eyes also changes and they begin to appear out of their place. Even the eyelids do not cover the eyes. Apart from this, the heart starts to flutter and the body starts feeling very restless. According to modern medical science, it is called Exophthalmic Goiter.

Reason of goitre : Iodine is required for the normal healthy state of the body, or it is mainly nourished by the gland. According to Ayurveda its name is ‘Arunak’. It is present in small quantities in the relative result in our blood. It is available to us through vegetable and milk. Iodine deficiency weakens the gland. As a result, the introverted juice produced from it produces less than necessary. Therefore, due to lack of this juice, this gland does not get proper nutrition and the disease starts.In order to obtain the bases of his opposition in war, it is considered necessary that the routes of food to him be closed. The thyroid gland is also a kind of gland composed by a group of glands through which the body is protected from infection of diseases.

According to Ayurveda, the thyroid gland provides a muscle nutrient called Manya. These glands usually get their nutrition from blood or Venus. This nutrient is produced and separated from the blood and reaches the thyroid through the inner passage of the muscle.If there is an attack on the inner lymphatic gland ie the carotid pulse, then the nutrient route to the thyroid gets blocked and due to the accumulation of some contaminated substance in the thyroid it becomes hyperactive and over time Some flower grows weak and takes the form of a gulag. As a result of iodine deficiency in water and soil in some provinces, iodine is found in small amounts in grass, greens and vegetables and even milk. This is the reason that Galgand patients are found more among the residents there. Iodine is found in the sea-weed, a type of grass found in the air and sea water in the near sea. Individuals whose health improves for a few days while living on the seashore means that iodine from the sea climate has made their thyroid gland healthy. In people living in mountainous regions, gulag disease is widespread; Because there is no iodine in the climate there.Like other diseases, more acidity in the blood also helps this disease greatly. Humanity has suffered a lot due to not understanding the rules of health and food.

Many families living in eastern India love fish. Even when there is no lack of fish, they do not even touch vegetables, milk, fruits. Such individuals are mostly victims of gulagund.

Yoga for Goiter: In the morning, Sahaja Vastriya with its complementary postures and postures; Full or half bath according to the capacity of the individual, Sahaja Pranayama Sankhya 1, 3, 7, Moolabandha, Uddiyana, Agnisara Dhoti Sankhya 1 and 2, Warisar Dhoti. Evening excursion Pranayama, Agnisara Dhoti Sankhya 1, Sarvangasana, Matsyasana, Ustrasana, Shikhasana, Sahaj Pranayam Sankhya 1, 3 and 7.Follow the principles of drinking water and bathing. Increase the exercise progressively.

Rules and diet for Goiter: As soon as you see the symptoms of this disease, go to the beach or near the sea and change climate, it will benefit greatly. If climate change is not possible, rub tincture iodine on the invasive part of the body 2 times a day. Instead of mill made rice and flour, use native rice and hand ground flour. Use of meat and fish can either reduce or reduce b. Eat plenty of milk, fruits and green vegetables. Do not have sexual intercourse until it is completely healthy.In women, this gland becomes flowering as a result of being more active at the time of menses, pregnancy or husband-mating. It is temporary. This has been observed in men due to consuming more subjects. One should be careful if the enlargement of the gland does not disappear soon or it continues to grow. Practice of compound actions and following the principles of diet will soon get rid of this disease – know this without doubt.


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