Indigestion : symptoms, reasons , treatment and yoga for indigestion.

Symptoms of Indigestion: Anorexia, lack of interest in food, bad breath, air in the stomach, increased heart rate, leprosy or diarrhea are commonly found in hot-headed country. Collectively these are called indigestion.

Reason of Indigestion:Indigestion is caused by eating irregular or untimely meals, eating too often, eating in a strong way, eating when not hungry, over-eating fatty or non-vegetarian, lack of physical exercise, etc., or weak digestive devices. Every meal we eat is half digested by the saliva of the tongue, the juice of the stomach and liver. After this, this food reaches the stomach. There it is completely digested by ‘digestive bile’.Even at this stage, if the food is not digested, it turns into a poisonous substance, hindering the free distribution of air, which results in neither the gas being inhaled nor the form of feces. It is able to pass through the anus route. This contaminated gas is thus spread throughout the body. The instruments and glands that keep the blood independent, have to bear more weight, the nerves become relaxed and the body starts feeling weak. According to Western medicine, indigestion is also another type called Atonic Dyspepsia.

In the attack of this disease, less acid is produced from the stomach than required. The liver and spleen of those who eat more food have to work continuously and they never get rest. By working beyond capacity, these devices become powerless and as a result they are not able to produce proper amount of digestive juices.Although indigestion is painful, this death is not fatal. But as a result of indigestion, many death-related diseases do happen. If indigestion disease persists for a long time, then many other diseases like leprosy, acid-colic, bile-colic, stomach wound, bile, etc., occur. Therefore, do not be negligent in the case of this disease.

Treatment of indigestion: In the morning, practice easy Vastriya with the postures and postures. Remove, perform washing operations.

Yoga for indigestion :Practice bathing action numbers 1 and 2. Agnisar Dhoti number 1 10 times, number 2 4 times; Sahaja Pranayama Number 1, 2, 3 or Excursion Pranayama, Warisar Dhauti. Mid-bathing action number 1 or21

Evening: pranayama, Agnisara dhoti number 1 10 times; Uddiyana 4 times; Ardha Koormasan 4 times; Sahaja Pranayama numbers 1 and 3; Sarvangasana 3 minutes. Ustrasana 3 times, Shion Paschimottan 5 times, Shikhasana 3 minutes. Spontaneous agnisar dhoti 30 times if there is thin diarrhea.After meals both times, inhale for 1 hour from the right nasal foramen. This activity helps in the formation of digestive juices. (See Respiration elsewhere).

After curing the disease, as much as you can in the body, practice the gradual exercise. In these exercises, choose those which have a direct effect on the digestive system.Rules and diet: Hunger is the natural state of our body. This fulfills the natural needs. Therefore, we should be very careful in this regard. Do not eat at the urging of your favorite friends if you are not hungry enough or do not feel hungry at all. Do not start taking morning and afternoon refreshments until this disease has cleared up, until the hunger starts feeling automatically. Eat ripe juicy fruits in small amounts until you feel very hungry.Eat food only 2 times. Eat nutrients normally in food, so that there is plenty of space left for the passage of water and air. This food should never be sufficient. Fill the breakfast area with fruits. For a full explanation of this, see the episode of Balanced Food. Chew the rice, roti and tatsdhukas well so that the process of digestion starts with saliva-juice in the mouth. Since the starch based in our food cannot be digested by abdominal bile, it is necessary that this type of food should be chewed in sufficient quantity in the mouth with the help of mouth saliva and juice. With this saliva, juice is transmitted to the digestive glands of the stomach. Alkaline substances like green vegetables, fruits, light milk, buttermilk etc. are necessary for the patient of indigestion.Eat lunch between 10-12 and have dinner between 7 to 9 pm. Eating in the absence of hunger or eating more after eating the same time as eating more is harmful. Lunch takes 8–10 hours to digest. Hence the above rules are beneficial for both the patient or healthy person. Half-an-hour rest after a meal is essential for students, teachers and office goers. After the night meal, relax as mentioned above. It is quite useful to visit the verandah or garden at ordinary speed. In particular, it causes deep sleep.Tea is not a useful drink for a warm country, as all kinds of tobacco contain a poison called nicotine, in the same way tea contains a poison called tannin. This causes great loss of appetite. Hence tea with smoking is taboo. If a particular patient is unable to quit smoking and tea practice, then he should smoke only 2 times a day and drink tea 1 time. It will be useful for his life.

Fasting is very beneficial in indigestion like many other diseases. Days of Ekadashi, Purnima and Amavasya are very useful for fasting. In these days, the earth remains somewhat rusty. The rising tide in the sea and the rivers and canals around the sea confirms this statement. Since our body is related to the earth, so our body also has similar actions. In fact, not all people are able to experience it. These are the basic principles of the practice of fasting on the three occasions mentioned above – one should fast on the day of Ekadashi and fast half in the other two days. By following this rule, fear of attack of diseases is eliminated and age increases. This type of fasting will be of great benefit to the patient of indigestion. They should drink plenty of water at the time of fasting. If a person cannot fast even after drinking special water, then he can take milk, fruit juice only once. But avoid it as far as possible.Those who cannot fast in any way or those who have been refused by the doctor, follow fasting method only after eating light food from Ekadashi to full moon.


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