Nasopharynx function,Action ,Anatomy & definition| Uses of Nasopharynx|

Action of nasopharynx: Take water in a wide mouth vessel. Soak your mouth and nose in water. Hold your breath and try to draw some water through your nose. Initially, the original part of nasal may experience some irritation. May also sneeze. But you keep practicing. This kind of discomfort will be overcome by practicing for a few days. When the initial discomfort is overcome, all people will be able to drink water from the nose like the mouth. From the point of view of medicine, at least half the water must be drunk daily. Remove the water from the nose or swallow it. Initially it should be practiced daily. A few days later it would be sufficient to do it once a week.

Uses of nasopharynx : Near the nasal root behind the forehead, three breathing channels called Eda Pingala and Sushumna are found. Therefore, if even a little phlegm settles in this place, then due to obstruction in breathing, we have to breathe through the mouth. Breathing through the mouth is not only fatal for the body, but also causes loss of biographical power. By inhaling through the mouth, the moisture of the air reaches the respirator and produces phlegm in it. This phlegm is the root of many diseases. Pranayama cannot be done properly as a result of phlegm collecting in the respirator. Therefore, those who practice pranayama must practice this action to get rid of phlegm. With the practice of this neti kriya, the forehead remains cold even in the state of fever. There will be no heat or pain in the forehead for any reason. The germs of diseases like cold, cold, influenza, respiratory diseases, typhoid, pneumonia etc. are produced and grow in the phlegm state of the body. The phlegm in the nasal congestion impedes the natural action of nasal breathing. Therefore, by the practice of neti kriya and proper pranayama, the body remains healthy and germ-free, the possibility of attack of diseases on the body is also removed.


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