Nosebleed (Epistaxis)

Symptoms: Blood is contaminated due to lack of proper function of liver and kidney. Nature tries to get this contaminated blood out through the nose. This type of nasal bleeding is good, not bad. The reason for excessive bleeding from the nose is also that sometimes the blood pressure rises so much that the nasal vein ruptures and the nose starts bleeding. Nasal bleeding is caused due to injury or wound, apart from this, it is also found in tuberculosis, archery, diphtheria, smallpox etc.

Treatment: Treatment of bleeding from nose due to irregular action of liver and kidney is done in the case of diseases of Pandu, liver and spleen. If the nose bleeds due to high blood pressure, follow the therapy written under “Blood pressure”. If the patient is a minor, then he should practice simple 4 asanas suggested for health in the morning. Do 3 Pranayamas easily with this. Do 4 Asanas in the morning, except in the evening time, do other 4 asanas. Spontaneous healing and heirloom dhoti provide great benefits in this disease.Rules and diet: In this disease, the system of diet is as per written in the case of Pandu or ‘diseases of liver and spleen’. Rules of water-bathing and drinking water should be followed along with diet.


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