Pyorrhoea : reason, symptoms, treatment and rules and diet

Reason of pyorrhea :Indian Ayurveda has given it the dental name, because the disease affects the roots of teeth.

स्रवन्ति पूय-रुधिरं चला दंता भवंति च। दंतवेष्टः स विज्ञेयः दुष्ट-शोणित-संभवः ।।

Wounds are formed in the teeth, the root of the tooth gets destroyed, the blood of the tooth root gets contaminated and pus is produced there – this is called dentin. The modern name is its pyrea.

Symptoms of pyorrhea :The teeth are nourished with pure blood. The nerves of the teeth are unable to receive nutrition from impure blood. They will also be nourished with pure blood and acid-rich blood. In this type of germs germs take advantage without hindrance and germinate in the gums. The juice of these germs and pieces of frozen food in the gums form a kind of rocky substance, which pushes the tooth-retaining membrane into the gums. In this way, the patient’s gums become a den of germs.

The white blood cells do not fight against germs and are killed there. Gradually these gums come out as pus and pus goes into the stomach and disrupts digestion, making the blood impure.

Due to irregular food, the liver becomes sick and bile quantity starts to decrease. This causes loss of appetite and indigestion. Simultaneously, acidity, constipation, diarrhea etc. also come around. As a result of all this, the normal composition of the patient becomes guilty and the blood gets contaminated. In this way, the contaminated blood helps a lot in the growth and development of pyorrhea.

According to modern medicine, the lack of calcium metal in the body is one of the causes of diarrhea. It should be remembered that the amount of calcium in the blood will be reduced only when the acids are high. An excess of acid is the reason for unbalanced food; For example, excessive meat, consumption of eggs or ghee, butter, chhena and more.

Venus is deficient in the body due to excessive sexual activity, it is also the cause of calcium deficiency. This is the reason why couples who do more work-related problems suffer from pyorrhea at an early age. Since the result of coitus is the lack of Venus in men, it has been seen that men suffer from diarrhea more than women.

 Youths or young women, who become immoral in their immaturity, lose their natural erectile power. These boys and girls are naturally deficient in calcium.

Residents of tropical countries like Asia and Africa lose their power around the age of 50-55 years and are more likely to have pyorrhea.

Our experience is that pyorrhea patients were more than 50 percent among white leprosy patients. Along with treating his pyorrhea, there was benefit in white leprosy etc. It is our clear belief that if germs of pyreas remain in human body for years, germs of leprosy diseases are produced. Although there is no such mention in any medical science.

Treatment of pyorrhea :

In the morning, do a simple gesture with all the complementary postures and postures. Take a bath etc. Take a tub-bath for 5 minutes. Sahaj Agnisar 30 times, Agnisar Dhuti number 1 10 times, number 2 5 times; Sahaja Pranayama number 2-3 every 3 minutes. After this, do the warrior dhoti. It is very important for this disease.

Mid-day tour Pranayama. Evening-Sarvangasana 4 minutes, Matsyasana 1 minute, Janushirasana 4 times, Paschimottan 5 times, Sahaj Agnisar 25 times, Uddiyana 4 times, Halasana 4 times, Shikhasana 3 minutes, Sahaja Pranayama (any four) 2 minutes each.

Rules and diet for pyorrhea :After eating a meal, there should be no care for the piece of bread between the teeth. Instead of water of Triphala, use a disinfectant drug such as detol. If there is pyorrhea in 1-2 teeth, apply the following medicine – Mix 1 tincture aconite in 1 ounce of tincture idin (rectified). Apply this medicine on cotton gums with cotton.

It should be particularly understood that calcium is very small in meat products. Germs are also hidden in them. The patient of pyorrhea should not take all this. If you cannot do this, then eat small species of fish once or twice a week. The amount of calcium in fruits, vegetables, milk etc. remains. These are the best foods for the patient of pyorrhea. Stop eating ghee, butter, chhena etc. Fast on Ekadashi, full moon. If you feel more hungry during fasting, then take pistachio, almond etc. Follow the rules of bathing and drinking water (see also case of dental disease).


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