Rules of drinking water

Wash hands and mouth as soon as you get up from the morning bed and after that fill two glasses and drink cold water. In India, this verb is famous as Usha-Paan. Patients should do Vastikria immediately thereafter. All germs in the body are taken out from the tank and at the same time all the contaminated feces collected in the body are discharged.

This action should be drunk at least 2 glass water in the early morning, similar to the process of cleaning the dredge by Bhangi in big cities. Initially you may not be able to drink that much water, still practice.

One hour before lunch, 1 glass of cold water, if it is not necessary during the meal, do not drink water. Drink 1 glass of water after 1 hour of meal, after resting for 1 hour after dinner, one rose water should be drunk. In this way, 5-6 glasses of water should be drunk. After this, if you feel thirsty then you can drink water.

People who have bile or acid defect should drink lemon juice mixed with water. In the case of fever, hot water drinks instead of cold water. People suffering from blood pressure or heart disease should not drink more water together. They should fill the entire quantity by drinking a little water at a difference of 20-25 minutes as required. In this way, systematic drinking method will benefit both the patient and the healthy.


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