Vajrasana:action and uses

Action: Sit on your feet in such a way that the area below the knee is bent and pressed under you. The eddy of the foot should be attached to your buttocks. Place the palm on your knee. Initially it is natural to have slight pain in the knees or in the feet, but there will be no inconvenience. Sit in this posture thrice a day for a while.

Usage of Vajrasana: By this posture, muscles and muscles are shaktimaan, arthritis or colored vata deficiency are also not in the feet. If you practice this asana after taking the breath from the right nasal foramen after noon and night meal, then the food can be digested very quickly and easily.

Yoga for hair loss

No hair white from puberty .If it had been combed in the hairs while sitting in this posture, it would have happened. With this practice, there will never be an attack of gout in the legs.


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