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According to Ayurveda, malaria is possibly a type of aortic fever, which occurs in the body due to wind. Like cholera and smallpox, it is a disease found in the summer countries. Often, 100 years ago, malaria did not occur so widely in India. The origin of its name is – (Mal aria) meaning contaminated air. This disease arises due to consumption of dirty air. Due to the terrible consequences caused by this disease, the attention of Western medicine is on its side. Now the name of malaria is almost all known in the world. In addition, malaria is also found in all countries of the world. The main symptom of this disease is – winter or winter before the onset of fever without an innings. A patient beset by malaria experiences a significant amount of cold before an outbreak of fever.Reason: germs of malaria fever are also found in the body of a healthy person. But until the blood is not contaminated, they cannot manipulate the body’s system. When some of its power of blood is reduced, then these germs of malaria enter the bloodstream. (See the case of anemia for the action of white and blood molecules.) In this way these germs increase their number by entering the blood. Over time, the cells of these germs dissolve and get converted into the blood stream. The white corpuscles of the blood protect the blood corpuscles. All the glands in the body which produce white corpuscle, produce maximum white corpuscle in order to withstand this invasion of germs so that the blood corpuscle can be protected. The spleen device absorbs and destroys some germs in its shell. Due to this excess labor, all the glands of the body have to do more work and as a result they become weak. Increase of liver and spleen is the result of this struggle.

According to Western doctors, there is a malaria infection from a mosquito of a specific species called anopheles. In our understanding it is not a complete truth, but a partial truth. Malaria originates on human body and not on mosquito body. The mosquito then spreads the virus of malaria from the human body. These germs originate from the saliva of the female mosquito of the genus Anophils. Which enter the human body through its sting.The best place of origin of mosquitoes is dirty and turbid water, a kind of filthy gas is produced from wet ground during the rainy season, due to which the ingestion of the breath reduces human life and also reduces hunger. . Thus, the rainy season and one or two months thereafter is called the malaria season.When the full-blown malaria germs enter the blood and spread in large numbers in the blood, the blood in the leather to help in this war also goes inside to participate in it. This type of internal war results in excess heat in the body, which is the reason for the rise in temperature of gummy fever. When the appropriate heat is collected in the body to destroy these germs, then the blood automatically returns to the skin. The reason for the cold-experience at the time of the attack of malaria fever is – in the extreme Absence of blood in the skin Even after cold, the temperature continues to increase until the uncorrected food in the abdomen gets vomited out due to heat. Headache and discomfort increase and persist until the power of germs decreases or they lose. These diseases behave by producing a substance called germ lala juice (Toxin) as their weapon. On the other hand, blood cells produce anti-toxin and destroy germs. Toxin, which is produced by germs, gets mixed into the blood which automatically gets out of the body in the form of sweat. The patient gets relief after sweating. Fever and headache are reduced. But the germs regroup and attack after 24 hours and the same actions recur.If the duration between the two attacks is definite then it should be understood that both sides are equal in the fight. And, if the duration of the next attack is reduced from the duration of the previous invasion, then it should be understood that the power of disease germs is stronger than the power of disease resistance. If the time from the first period to the second period is longer, then it should be understood that the power of disease germs is less and symptoms of early benefit start appearing.If the diseases of malaria, germs destroy the blood cells in excessive quantity and the absence of them in the body is not fulfilled, then it results in anemia and blood loss of the body. This affliction is a common condition which is usually seen.

Malaria is a fundamental cause like many other diseases. This is the reason – the accumulation of excessively dirty matter in the body and the disabling of blood. Thus, constipation, dirty air intake, lack of nutrition etc. are the main cause.Causes of malaria. The bite of mosquito is the only reason cause of malaria .

Treatment: In the state of fever, follow the medical system written in the type of fever. Morning after fever: Sahaj Vastriya with its complementary posture and posture. Agnisara Dhoti Sankhya 1 & 2 Uddiyana, Sahaj Pranayam Sankhya 1 & 3 & Excursion Pranayam.Pranayama is tested for those who have occasional malaria infection. Therefore, pranayama is unmatchable in resistance to malaria – the disease is also destructive. Evening excursion Pranayama, sleeping Paschimottan, Yoga Mudra, Sarvangasana, Matsyasana, Sahaj Agnisara, Throne, Sahaja Pranayama Nos. 1, 2, 5. As far as possible, increase the exercise progressively.Modern medical science has considered quinine a panacea for malaria. It shows quick effects on the germs of malaria but also destroys the white granules of the blood, which is the only means of protection in times of crisis. With the use of quinine, the body is immune to disease. Thus, it is clear that we do not mix the consent of the unknown lovers of modern medicine And those who do embibe.It is harmful for the body to blindly use this terrible medicine in large quantities continuously. The nature of the body can remove only 5 to 7 grains daily through quinine-urine. Some part of the toxin of this drug wants to absorb the liver and spleen through blood. But just like alcohol or opium etc., the amount of quinine which is given by allopathic doctors in the prescriptions of patients, they help in their growth by destroying the liver and spleen. The result is death of the patient. We will call on the doctor and the public as mentioned above, to stop the use of quinine to protect millions of helpless lives.There are many types of malaria — such as a fever that comes after 1 or 2 days is called ‘short intervals fever’. Fever completely descends and resuming when the heat becomes less, it is called Remittent Fever. This intermittent fever takes the form of malaria of a deadly species called malignant malaria or Pernicious malaria a few days later. If the rules related to malaria like food, fasting etc. are followed with caution then the recurrence of malaria can be prevented with certainty.

Rules and diet: Diet should be light in the same manner as in normal fever. After the fever has calmed down, the patient’s diet is – rice, green greens, the juice of well-cooked lentils, light milk. If there is no possibility of recurrence of fever, eat light nutritious food and 1-2 ser milk can also be consumed. Consumption of milk will reduce the chances of re-invasion of malaria. The reasons for the spread of malaria in India are lack of milk, anorexia in drinking milk and violation of the general health rules. For the production of quinine, high yield of cinchona and mosquito killing – these means to eradicate malaria from India is foolish and short-sighted. Residents of the mountain or forest, semi-civilized or uncultured people, do not fall prey to malaria, even if they do not use the squirrel, even if thousands of mosquitoes bite them. But if they too become civilized like us and adopt the methods of living of a civilized world, then it is certain that they too will become victims of malaria and they will also die untimely.


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